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spider dangling from a web

Stopping Fall Spider Infestations In South Portland

DATE POSTED: October 25, 2018

No one wants a house infested with creepy spiders crawling around, let alone all of the nasty webs they create in the corners. And what about when they drop down and dangle in front of your face? And some of these spiders can even bite!

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drain in a commercial kitchen

How Flies Get Inside New England Homes And Businesses

DATE POSTED: September 7, 2018

We often think of flies as nothing more than annoying pests. Somehow they get into our New England homes, buzz around our heads, show up when we’re eating dinner, and are nearly impossible to squash. Because they’re such nuisances, it is easy to forget that, in certain circumstances, they can be more than a simple annoyance; they can be harmful.

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