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Tips To Avoid Pests In 2018

DATE POSTED: December 29, 2017

Another year has come and gone, and what a good one it was. 2017 was busy for many of us, and 2018 is sure to have plenty in store, but can you imagine having to become an pest control technician in your free time? Summer should be a season to look forward to, but the excitement lessens some with the thought of all the mosquitoes swarming your family barbecue or the mice chewing up wires and…

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home after snow storm

Winter Pests To Be Concerned About In South Portland

DATE POSTED: December 15, 2017

Maine is a great state to live in, where we have four true seasons. The sunny sparkling summers, crisp vibrant falls, picturesque snowy winters, and delightfully budding springs. Unfortunately, all of our seasons come with four separate sets of pest problems. As summer fades into fall, we trade mosquito in for another set of unwanted pest concerns as stinging insects become very aggressive. And…

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Why Are Squirrels So Active This Time Of Year?

DATE POSTED: December 11, 2017

While you were off at the store looking for some amazing gift that will make somebody important in your life feel more special than ever before, the local neighborhood squirrel discovered a weakness in the fortress that you call home. The squirrel was making a home in the attic of your garage as you tried to decide whether you should pick the new 4k television or stick with a 50 inch LED. He…

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