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silverfish crawling on floor

Most Effective Silverfish Prevention Tips

DATE POSTED: October 31, 2017

Having insects in your home can be disconcerting, to say the least. Unless you keep an ant farm, you want the ants at a safe distance from your food and in the ground rather than around your foundation, thank you very much. How much more unpleasant to discover not a tiny little pavement ant, but a one inch creature of silvery hue that looks and moves like something that belongs in the water…

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silverfish crawling on pages of a book

Why Silverfish Enter Our Homes

DATE POSTED: October 18, 2017

If you've ever taken a long hard look at a silverfish, you have probably noticed that these insects look like something from another planet. It would seem more appropriate for them to be crawling on the wall of some interstellar spacecraft, rather than hanging out in your bathroom tub. So why is it these alien creatures enter our homes? Here are three of the most likely reasons.

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Mistakes We Make With Silverfish

DATE POSTED: September 19, 2017

What comes to mind when you think of the word silverfish? Maybe you have an image of a tranquil lake and flashes of silver just below the surface. Pretty silver fish. Oh, how peaceful that image can be. But don't get too comfortable because we aren't talking about those kinds of silver fish. We are talking about an insect called the silverfish. And there's nothing tranquil about them.

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silverfish up close

Are You Ready For The Silverfish Invasion?

DATE POSTED: August 16, 2017

It is time to start packing up the lawn furniture, cleaning up the garden, and prepare your home for autumn. Soon you’ll be wanting to spend more time indoors where is it warmer. There are certain guests that will be seeking warmth inside your home soon, and if you do not prepare for them they will begin to migrate inside too. Now is the time when silverfish flock to homes by the hundreds…

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Are Silverfish Dangerous?

DATE POSTED: June 16, 2017

There are many different kinds of pests in the world who will invade our homes and our lives. Each comes with its own set of problems for homeowners, and some tend to be creepier than others. The silverfish seems to be a home invader that our clients in South Portland rank high on the “ick” factor scale. No doubt about it, having an infestation of silverfish can be a startling…

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silverfish on floor

Tips To Avoid Silverfish

DATE POSTED: May 18, 2017

A silverfish, also referred to as fishmoth, urban silverfish, or carpet shark, is a tiny insect with a slender, flattened body that is around ½ to 1 inch long. It is light gray and blue coloring shimmers and looks to be a silvery color. This, and the fact that it slithers across surfaces in an almost fishlike manner is how it gets its name. Not only are these creatures creepy and disturbing…

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