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ants on a glass rim in rhode island

How Do You Plan To Get Rid Of Ants In The House?

DATE POSTED: April 25, 2014

It’s time to face the facts, ants are everywhere and can become a big problem for homeowners in Rhode Island and Massachusetts each spring and summer if they are not dealt with appropriately. As the weather starts to warm, ants will become active once again and will start to to march through homes in pursuit of a food and water source. Don’t let your home become their next target! Take the…

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its never too early to think about ant control in rhode island

It's Never Too Early To Prepare For Carpenter Ants

DATE POSTED: February 27, 2014

Every once in awhile in February, we get a beautiful day that almost feels like spring! The sun is shining, the snow is starting to melt and we all get a little bit of spring fever. These warm-ish days are here to remind us that spring really is just around the corner and with spring comes ant season.

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Ants In Worcester, MA

Are Ants In Worcester Bugging You Already?

DATE POSTED: March 8, 2013

While the ground may still have a snow cover, the days are slowly beginning to warm up in Worcester and surrounding New England areas. What this means, aside from that much-needed sunlight, is that ants are going to start appearing around the home and property. While you may think that a few ants here and there are no big deal, we are here to remind you that foraging ants are sign that an ant…

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