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ant crawling across the floor

Carpenter Ants Go Viral!

DATE POSTED: October 16, 2015

Google is not the only place that is seeing high traffic from carpenter ants. Here in the Northeast we are still seeing very high incidences involving carpenter ants in and around homes and businesses. The good news is that the typical ‘busy season’ for these destructive little black ants is early spring through early October. This means that, for the most part, they should become less of a…

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image of ants on baseboards of a worcester home

Better Safe Than...Ant-Infested

DATE POSTED: March 9, 2015

Having an ant infestation in your home is never pleasant. Ants are a plain nuisance. They can contaminate the food in your pantry and destroy property. Once you have spotted one ant in your home, it is likely that there are many more. Ants live in colonies of thousands and can adapt and invade your home quickly. With spring time approaching, it is important to be prepared for these pests. Spring…

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a carpenter and waling across a stem

Are Big Black Ants Harmful?

DATE POSTED: August 12, 2014

There are a few different types of black ants you might find in or around your home. The most common types are carpenter ants and pavement ants. Pavement ants are harmless and are more of an annoyance than anything else. Carpenter ants are not only annoying but can also cause structural damage to your home. These ants eat through wood to make their homes. They will eat through any kind moist or…

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up close image of a carpenter ant

How To Tell When You Have Carpenter Ants

DATE POSTED: July 14, 2014

As a homeowner, it is likely that you will see ants in your home at one point or another. While an ant may just appear to be an "ant" on the surface, there are different species of ants. Most ants are just a nuisance but their are some that can cause extensive damage to the wood of your home. The carpenter ant is a fairly large ant that, unlike other common ants, excavate wood to make room for…

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carpenter and in worcester

Carpenter Ant Control For Worcester Homeowners

DATE POSTED: May 7, 2014

Ants in the house may seem like a minor problem. But what if the ants you are seeing are more than just the annoying little black ants that invade your home every spring? What if they are carpenter ants? Are carpenter ants harmful? The answer is YES! Carpenter ants are known for their destructive habits as they hollow out the wood in your home to build their nests. They will forage for food in…

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wood destroying insects in rhode island

Worcester Pest Control Warning: Wood Destroying Insects

DATE POSTED: April 4, 2014

It’s officially Spring and while the typical spring weather has not caught up with us yet in New England it won’t be long till the grass is green, the flowers are bloomed and insects and other pests attempt to invade our homes once again. If you aren’t looking forward to the increase in pest activity that comes with this refreshing season you aren’t the only one! The truth is there are…

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