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Commercial Facility Disinfection

Big Blue Bug Solutions is offering a new service disinfecting commercial facilities with a new product that is safe, effective and requires no rinse. CLO²BBER is made up of Chlorine Dioxide gas to provide a rapid, almost instant kill of bacteria, fungi, algae, viruses, and spores. If you are a business owner in our New England pest control service area, and are seeking a way to disinfect your facility from floors to food, consider the benefits of Big Blue Bug’s new disinfecting product CLO²BBER.


CLO²BBER is a product created from Chlorine Dioxide that acts as a disinfectant, virucidal, tuberculocidal, sterilant, and food contact surface sanitizer. Chlorine Dioxide exists as a gas in water so unlike other disinfectants, which have to break down the cell wall in order to kill it; CLO²BBER exists as a gas and is “breathed” into the cells allowing for an almost instant kill. This product also does not allow for bacteria to develop a resistance to it. This ensures that you do not have to increase the strength of the product in order to maintain a consistent kill of the bacteria in your commercial facility.

Other Advantages of Using CLO²BBER Include:

  • Safety- CLO²BBER does not react with ammonia or other cleaners and detergents. It is water soluble and is non-corrosive to most equipment and surfaces. CLO²BBER flushes quickly from systems. It is non-carcinogenic and can also come safely into contact with food as a wash and as a food surface sanitizer when used properly.

  • Effectiveness- CLO²BBER has the lowest contact time for killing microbes of all sanitizers, and has a higher microbal destruction possibility over other chlorine compounds. This product is effective in air or water and also effective over a very wide pH range.

  • Environmentally friendly- CLO²BBER requires no special disposal of the solution or the packaging it is stored in. The gas will not damage the ozone layer.

If you are a business owner or manager in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Eastern Connecticut or Southern Maine and are looking for a innovative product that is effective for use in multiple applications, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions for more detailed information. CLO²BBER and Big Blue Bug Solutions is a combination that can’t be beat to keep your facility and its products safe for your customers.

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