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the big blue bug mascot in providence rhode island

Who We Are

We are world famous for our distinctive landmark: The Big Blue Bug. The 58-foot termite replica watches over New England from the roof of our Providence Headquarters. Learn more about Nibbles Woodaway, the Big Blue Bug

What's more famous than our Local Icon? Our Iconic Service! For more than 80 years, Big Blue Bug Solutions has built its name by protecting homes throughout New England with the most effective and responsible pest control solutions.

Started in 1935 by Leonard Yale Goldman, our Rhode Island pest control company has grown from a small, local business to one of the largest pest control companies in New England. Today, President and CEO Stephan Goldman, son of the founder, continues the tradition and has been joined by his sons Scott and Brian.  

Check out our history below:


photograph and painting of big blue bug's founder

Company founded by Leonard Yale Goldman.


our first booth at a tradeshow

Known as New England Exterminating and Fumigating Company.


our company at a tradeshow in the 1950's

Company changes name to New England Pest Control.


cars parked in front of big blue bug's office in shrewsbury

Company opens up a branch in Worcester Market.


side by side pictures of nibbles

Company changes forever when the Big Blue Bug is created.


big blue bug as seen in the movie dumb and dumber

The Big Blue Bug makes its Hollywood debut in the feature film Dumb and Dumber.


new england pest control logo and big blue bug solutions logo

The Big Blue Bug becomes so famous that the company officially changes its name to Big Blue Bug Solutions.


big blue bug above the interstate

The Big Blue Bug reprises its role in Dumb and Dumber To.


rare blue lobster in tank

Big Blue Bug Solutions opens up a branch in South Portland, Maine.


bbb logo for best pest control company

Big Blue Bug Solutions was named one of the top Pest Control Companies in Central Massachusetts.


big blue bug receives first place award

Big Blue Bug Solutions was awarded first place, best pest control company in Rhode Island.


2018 readers choice logo

We did it again! Awarded first place, best pest control company in Rhode Island!

What We Do

Insect and pests are part of our lives – for the most part unwelcome. There are nearly 100,000 species of pests and many of them can make your life unhappy.

For more than 80 years, Big Blue Bug Solutions (formerly New England Pest Control) has been providing effective and responsible solutions for residential and commercial pest problems. And, although our name has changed to Big Blue Bug Solutions, we are proud to carry on our longstanding tradition of protecting New England homes and businesses with the most comprehensive pest control services available in the region. We are fully licensed and insured and our uniformed technicians are ready to assist you with courtesy and discretion.

Big Blue Bug Solutions provides a wide range of pest control services for both residential and commercial properties. To that end, we continually conduct educational seminars to keep our technicians up to date on the latest changes in our industry.

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we take pride in our professional and environmentally responsible approaches to pest control. Pest infestation is serious. Our promise is our guarantee that your pest problem will be eliminated. No more bugs. Period.  

And like Nibbles always says, “Ask about our guarantee – or get bugged by someone else’s.

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