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Trusted Pest Control Services In Bangor, ME

Known as the third-largest city in the beautiful state of Maine, Bangor has been an important settlement for as long as there have been people on the Atlantic Coast. It’s a crucial stop-over spot for air travel and its central location in the state means that Bangor is a stop for pretty much anyone traveling through our area. But with all this human activity, pests are never far off. That’s why every Bangor property owner should learn how to best prepare for and prevent pest infestations.

Home Pest Control In Bangor, ME

Many people put off addressing a pest problem because they think they will simply die off in a few weeks. But the truth is that pest problems come in waves and cycles. The only way to truly disrupt these cycles is through action, not complacency. A single pest breeds multiple generations, and just because you don’t see them anymore doesn’t mean they aren’t still hiding somewhere in or around your home. Rather than waiting for a problem to grow, act quickly at the first sight by contacting Big Blue Bug Solutions. We can help you with literally any pest problem you may have, from insects to rodents and spiders to larger wildlife. Here’s why you should trust Big Blue Bug Solutions:

  • Track Record: We’ve got more than 80 years of experience assisting New England property owners with their pest problems.

  • Clean Service: All of our experts wear blue gloves and blue booties when entering your home, ensuring the cleanest possible service. We’re there to eliminate messes, not add new ones.

  • Free Re-Service: If a pest problem comes back after our service, we will come back and re-treat your property at no additional cost. If a pest comes back, so do we.

Whether you’ve already got a pest concern or you just want to get started on prevention measures, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today.


Commercial Pest Control In Bangor, ME

Pests aren’t just an issue for residential property owners, of course. Businesses and large commercial properties of all kinds can fall victim to a pest infestation, too. All of the attractants that draw pests to homes tend to be found in even more abundance on commercial lots. That’s why smart business owners partner with Big Blue Bug Solutions to protect their property and their bottom line. Pest problems lead to damage, disease, and loss of reputation, so proper protection can save you from big costs down the road. Here are some of the industries we’ve helped over our 80 years of service:

  • Restaurants: Naturally, businesses, where food is stored and cooked, are natural magnets for pests looking for an easy meal. We help restaurants avoid the serious consequences of a pest outbreak.

  • Hospitality: Places like hotels and motels also tend to have kitchens or other food sources. But they also have ample linens and storage closets where pests like bed bugs and other parasites gather.

  • Healthcare: Hospitals and doctor’s offices have the same kind of attractants as other businesses. We help keep the properties that the public needs to be the cleanest, safe from pest infestations.

  • Education: Schools are another property that has a little bit of everything that pests look for: food, water, storage spaces, and people. They are also hubs of activity where people from many different households gather every day, leading to a high likelihood of cross-contamination.


Bangor’s Easy-To-Use Guide To Effective Ant Prevention

Ants are some of the most common nuisances to hit homes and businesses. They can slip in through cracks and are attracted by even the faintest traces of food and moisture. But ants aren’t just annoying, they can be dangerous. Carpenter ants, for example, can cause wood damage just like termites. Other species may carry diseases or have stingers that pack quite the punch. That’s why it’s important to learn how you can protect your property from ant infestations before they have a chance to move in.

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we can protect your home from all kinds of invasive ant species, from the dangerous kinds to the everyday ones that can still cause problems like contaminating your food. We know how to thoroughly check for access points and attractants, helping you address the ways that ant infestations start. More than that, we can offer proven treatments that shield your perimeter from invasive insects of all kinds. Don’t wait to contact Big Blue Bug Solutions, so we can get started on protecting your property from ants.


How Bad Are The Ticks In Bangor, ME?

Ticks are a pest that people tend to not think of until they notice they’ve already been bitten. The problem is, a single tick bite may expose you to dangerous illnesses like Lyme Disease. The itchy bite marks they leave behind aren’t exactly pleasant, either. Ticks can also breed in large numbers, being traced back to people’s homes or yards unsuspectingly. That’s why it pays to think about protecting your property ahead of time.

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we help you protect your yard -- the most common target for outdoor pests like ticks -- by using safe and effective treatments that ward off biting pests. We pay extra attention to the areas that our experts identify as prime harborage points for pest populations. Our spray methods are safe for you and your plants but dangerous to pests and their offspring. Help us take back your yard from biting pests by contacting Big Blue Bug Solutions today.


Complete Pest Control From Big Blue Bug

Along with our residential and commercial pest control solutions, Big Blue Bug also offers a variety of pest control services to fit any pest control needs. Our services include:

Bed Bug Solutions

Carpenter Ant Solutions

Wildlife Solutions

Mosquito & Tick Solutions

Termite Solutions

If you are dealing with a pest infestation or you just want to be proactive in preventing future infestations, contact Big Blue Bug to schedule an appointment today!


The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Bangor Home

Bed bugs invading your Bangor home can quickly turn into a nightmare as this tiny pest takes over sleeping areas and furniture and hides out in unexpected places around your home. While many Bangor residents might think that DIY methods and home remedies are the best things to turn to for a bed bug problem, these tactics might not be the most effective ways to address your infestation issues.

The problem with many DIY methods is that they often don’t target the root causes of your infestation and are usually not effective in removing every last bed bug around your home – this is essential if you want to stop re-infestation. However, professional bed bug control ensures the removal of every trace of this pest and keeps your home safe from re-infestation. 

The reliability and efficiency of professional bed bug control make it the best way to get rid of this pest once it has invaded your Bangor home. Contact our team at Big Blue Bug Solutions to learn more.

How To Protect Your Bangor Yard From Dangerous Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one of the most troublesome pests to have to buzz around your Bangor yard because they leave itchy bites and transmit diseases or potentially trigger allergic reactions with these bites. It is essential to protect your Bangor yard from mosquitoes if you want to avoid the dangers of this pest.

Steps you can take to deter mosquitoes from settling in your yard include:
  • Remove standing water as this is where mosquitoes prefer to breed. Be thorough, as even an inch of water is enough.
  • Address leaks and drainage issues that create pools of excess moisture or humid conditions around your property.
  • Cut back long grasses and overgrown foliage in your yard and remove debris such as leaf litter and woodpiles, which will help prevent shady, moist areas from attracting mosquitoes.
  • Utilize plants with strong mosquito-repellant scents such as citronella, lemongrass, and marigold around decks, patios, and the perimeter of your yard; this can help deter this pest.
  • Treat water features such as bird baths or ponds with an animal-safe product that eliminates mosquito eggs.
Additionally, if you struggle to remove an active infestation of mosquitoes around your property, you should contact Big Blue Bug Solutions for expert mosquito control assistance.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Raccoons On My Bangor Property?

Though some Bangor residents may find raccoons cute to look at, this pest can be highly problematic when it invades your Bangor property. Raccoons present several risks, including disease transmission, the introduction of parasite pests, potential bites and attacks, and the destruction of property.

As raccoons live, feed, and breed around your property, they will naturally shed viruses or leave behind bacteria and pathogens in their waste. Serious illnesses you can pick up from raccoons include rabies, pseudorabies, canine distemper, raccoon parvoviral enteritis, and infectious canine hepatitis. Raccoons also carry fleas, mites, and ticks that they can drop off around your property; these parasite pests present their own health risks and quickly start an infestation.

Furthermore, accidentally getting too close to a raccoon’s hiding spot or the areas where they keep their babies can result in an attack or bite from this critter; this requires immediate medical attention due to the diseases and bacteria raccoons carry. Plus, when a raccoon family settles around your property, they may destroy things as they look for food and places to settle, creating damage that requires costly repair.

Because raccoons can be so dangerous to host on your property, you should contact Big Blue Bug Solutions to help safely remove wildlife pests at the first sign of raccoon invaders.

Bangor's Guide To Pest Control Insulation

Insulation is something that every home or business needs to stay energy efficient, but what if there was a way to prevent pests with your insulation? We offer pest control insulation at Big Blue Bug Solutions that features natural fibers and borate. This insulation is created from at least 80% recycled paper and kills insects such as cockroaches, termites, and ants that reach your structure and attempt to tunnel through the insulation. This insulation can also deter rats and mice, which helps keep your property pest-free in the long term.

Pest control insulation can help you save money over time, is eco-friendly, and even absorbs sounds from around your property, making for a safe, peaceful, and pest-protected space. To learn more about the benefits of pest control insulation or start installing this insulation on your property, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today.

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