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Big Blue Bug Solutions has been serving Berlin, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas with quality pest control dating clear back to the year 1935. We take great pride in being New England’s leading pest control company. The experts at Blue Bug can assist you in effectively eliminating your pest control problem big or small! If your Berlin home or business is experiencing problems with ants, lady bugs, termites, mice or any other pests don’t hesitate to call professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions today!

Fall Pests in Berlin

Berlin residents have certainly noticed that fall is arriving in Massachusetts. Along with the beautiful foliage and cold weather, fall brings a number of new pests looking for shelter and warmth. Unfortunately, our homes provide the perfect refuge for a variety of fall pests including:


Fall Pest Prevention Tips

Some of these pests can be dangerous, but do cause a major nuisance as they enter Berlin homes in very large numbers. An infestation of any of these fall invaders can be very discouraging and are often quite difficult to get rid of. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we offer several fall pest prevention tips to keep an infestation from developing:

  • Repair or replace any damaged screens

  • Install door sweeps on any exterior doors

  • Seal any small openings around your home with a caulking

  • Keep doors and windows closed

  • Trim back bushes and shrubs from house

  • Keep firewood stacked away from the house


Berlin Home Pest Control

These fall pest prevention tips are extremely effective, but if you find you're still are struggling with lady bugs or other fall pests Blue Bug is here to help. Our Berlin home pest control program is an ongoing pest control plan with seasonal treatments to keep your Berlin home free of pests year round. Not only does our home pest control plan cover all fall pests, it also treats a variety of other pests including:

To learn more about the Home Pest Control plan, or if you are in need of a Berlin exterminator, contact the experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions today.


Other Services from Big Blue Bug Solutions

No matter what kind of pest problems you are suffering from, the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions have a service plan to fit your needs. In addition to the Home Pest Control plan we also offer a wide range of services Berlin homes and businesses including:

If you live or work in Berlin, MA, and find yourself in need of quality pest control services, or you would like more information on any of the services listed, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today.

Wherefore Art Thou?

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At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we can't promise you Shakespeare, but we can solve your pest problems.

World-Famous Thespian John O'Hurley joins the Big Blue Bug family.

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