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Spiders: The Creepy, Yet Fascinating Creatures

Spiders In Massachusetts

Walking into spider webs can be a very frustrating experience. You can’t shake the feeling you have something on your skin, but you can’t see it and you know you could have a spider somewhere on your body. This is one of the most goose-bump raising experiences you can have in your own home and spiders in Massachusetts are known for seeking refuge in relatively undisturbed areas, including attics, basements and garages, which means this could happen to you! Although this may surprise you, not all spiders spin webs to catch their insect prey and spiders that do spin webs often spin them in different ways. These creepy yet fascinating arachnids are pretty amazing, despite the fear they seem to instill in many people.

What are spider webs? It’s pretty simple- spiders create strands of silk that they can weave into a pattern that allows them to catch their prey; these sticky webs all begin the same way. Every web begins with a single thread; this thread forms the ‘foundation’ for the rest of the web structure. New England spiders will climb a wall or a piece of furniture inside your home and release a length of silk thread into the air. With some luck, this thread will snag on another wall or other nearby place and a foundation will be created. Some spiders spin beautiful and symmetrical webs, while others build messy and erratic webs, but the point is always the same: to catch unsuspecting insects inside the sticky threads. Spiders will often sit inside the web or on a silk thread nearby waiting for prey to land on the web. When an insect does land in the web, the vibrations sent through the strands of the web notify the spider that dinner has arrived! The spider will then make its way to the source of the vibration and wrap the insect in silk to consume or store for later.

Spiders can be a real nuisance inside your home, especially when they enter in large numbers. But if you are only seeing a few spiders in your Worcester or Framingham, MA home, you may find that these arachnids are beneficial. Their ability to catch and dispose of unwanted insects inside your home can be useful, but when numerous spider webs and spider egg sacs are found, these arachnids become a frustrating problem that require the assistance of the Massachusetts exterminators at Big Blue Bug Solutions. Even though there are few venomous spiders present in our service area, having spiders in your home can make you feel anxious, especially when you are finding more than your fair share! The best thing to do is to enlist Worcester pest control services for control of spiders. When you give us a call, our professionals will visit your home and do a thorough inspection, offering treatments to eliminate these pests and recommendations to limit encounters with spiders inside your home in the future.

Although spiders may be fascinating creatures, having them living side by side with us in our homes is less than ideal. For Framingham pest control services you can trust to eliminate spiders and other pests from your home, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today and schedule your first appointment.