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Framingham Pest Control Pros Answer Your FAQs On Roaches

Cockroach Control Framingham MA

There is very little worse than returning to your home after a summer vacation to find that somehow, while you were gone, roaches took up residence. Now that fall is here, roaches will be looking for a place to stay protected from the colder weather and if you are not careful, that place could be your home. Why should you be concerned about these invaders and what can be done to prevent them? The pest control pros at Big Blue Bug Solutions answer some of your cockroach questions!

Why are cockroaches inside my home?

The cockroaches you may find on your property include the American cockroach, the Oriental cockroach and the German cockroach. These insects search for warm and humid places to live and if they can get into your home and access your food (or your garbage), you may find a cockroach infestation inside your property. They will infest the food in your cupboards, crawl around your bathroom and your basement and you may see them darting through your trash cans. These troublesome pests are often the result of bad sanitation measures, but once sanitation practices improve, you could still find an infestation present.

What can be done to keep these pests out in the first place?

To keep cockroaches out, it is necessary to block up all possible entry points. This means you need to do a thorough inspection of your home to find any tiny holes in the exterior that may be allowing insects inside. Once these areas are closed up, you can begin focusing on sanitation efforts. Keep food in your cupboards enclosed in plastic containers with tight fitting lids. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink and make sure the trash is removed from the premises regularly. Give your kitchen and bathroom a deep clean frequently to remove the filth that cockroaches thrive in. Reducing areas of humidity inside your home can also make it less attractive to roaches.

Do roaches bite?

No, cockroaches aren’t known to bite. But even though they can’t really hurt you with their bite, they can cause problems for you in other ways. Cockroaches are known for thriving in filthy environments; when they spend time in garbage cans and sewers, they pick up bacteria and pathogens on their bodies that they are able to spread to our food preparation surfaces and directly to our food. These pathogens can make us sick and are sometimes the source of ‘food poisoning’. Cockroach feces and bodies have also been known to cause allergies or even asthma in young children and the elderly.

As you can see, having cockroaches invade your home is no picnic. To get rid of these pests, professional pest control should be sought. The pros at Big Blue Bug Solutions have the knowledge and the experience to help you eliminate a cockroach problem quickly and recognize the conditions that may be allowing these pests to thrive inside your home. If you have been seeing cockroaches in your cupboards while you attempt your fall baking or you have seen them in your bathroom, basement or throughout your home, don’t wait! Call the pest control pros at Big Blue Bug today for more information on our cockroach control services and see why so many people have chosen us as their exterminator.