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Cockroaches In Framingham Still A Pest Concern

american cockroach in a farmingham home

As spring is starting to blossom all around us, we tend to get caught up in the warm, sunny days and the beautiful flowers that are now showing their faces. It is very easy to forget that with spring comes an influx of insects that are also excited for the new, warm weather. One pest that may become a bother for you this spring is the cockroach. Cockroaches inside your home or business are a serious concern and because these pests like warm and humid environments, they are sure to be a threat now that winter is finally over.

Why are cockroaches a problem?

Cockroaches are known for causing allergies and asthma in young children and for spreading serious diseases. They spend a lot of time in sewers, dumpsters and landfills and while in those places they have the potential to pick up pathogens on the tiny hairs of their bodies. When a cockroach gets into your home or business they can leave these pathogens on food preparation surfaces, directly on your food or in your bathrooms. Cockroaches tend to congregate in large numbers which another reason why they are so overwhelming to home and business owners.

What do you do if you find cockroaches on your property?

If you find cockroaches on your property, don’t start searching the internet for do-it-yourself solutions. We’ll save you a bunch of time right now to let you know that once you have an infestation of cockroaches, there are no over-the-counter solutions or magical sprays that will get rid of these pests. You MUST contact a New England pest control professional to help you exterminate cockroaches. This pest is very resilient and is not one that can be easily, or if at all, eliminated on your own.

Can cockroaches be prevented?

YES! Well, to a degree. As we mentioned before, cockroaches appreciate warm and humid environments, but they also like dirty environments. When it comes to trying to prevent a cockroach infestation, cleaning is probably your best bet. A deep clean of the kitchen is always helpful. Make sure to pay close attention to areas around and underneath appliances. You should never leave food out on counters for extended periods of time, or leave dirty dishes in the sink. Taking the trash out regularly can also help to prevent a cockroach infestation from becoming established inside your home. You can also limit humidity by installing a dehumidifier in especially damp areas of the home, including the bathroom and the basement.

If you think you’ve seen a cockroach in your home or business but you’re not sure, check out our cockroach identification pages. There are several different types of cockroaches that may enter your home and they include the American cockroach, the German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach. Give the pros at Big Blue Bug Solutions a call at the first sighting of a cockroach so that we may come to your property to investigate. We can help determine what types of cockroaches are in your home or business and then provide the appropriate treatments to get rid of them. We can also offer suggestions on environmental modifications that may help to prevent cockroach problems in the future. For pest control in RI and MA that you can trust, look no further than Big Blue Bug Solutions!