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Framingham Pest Control Pros Uncover Common Winter Pests

raccoon found in attleboro

There is nothing worse than having a pest infest your home--well, except maybe finding a leak in your lifeboat, in shark infested waters. Pests can fill your home with awful smells, plague your family with flu like symptoms, leave disfiguring wounds, damage your home, and poison your food. Here are some of the repeat offenders that roam Framingham.

Mice. This sneaky little rodent can carry parasites into your home, like lice, mites, and fleas. The CDC links mice to the spread of dozens of diseases--and especially hantavirus. These wood and wire chewing pests are also a fire hazard.

Cockroaches. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America directly links cockroaches to Asthma in urban areas, and the CDC calls them vectors for disease. The list of roach related diseases is staggering. That, and they're nasty.

Spiders. Most spiders in Framingham are harmless, but it is possible to run into a poisonous spider in your home. Though the dreaded brown recluse is rare in Mass., the yellow sac spider is not, and its venom can leave disfiguring lesions on, and in, your skin. It is also not uncommon to see black widow spiders, so be careful when you flip rocks, sandbags, and construction material.

Raccoons. Protecting your home from raccoons is like protecting it from a human burglar. These intelligent creatures have nibble hands that can take a quarter out of your pants pocket. Raccoons are the number one spread of rabies in the United States. Always be caution around this wild animal.

Squirrels. Most of the time, squirrels won't bother you, but in winter they may try to seek shelter in your attic or eaves. Do not attempt to seal a hole where squirrels have entered. This is an animal that does not like to be trapped. The consequences could be extremely bad.

Skunks. If you have one of these under your porch, life stinks. Enough said.

There are a number of pests that can be a danger to your family, but you don't have to live with them. Call Big Blue Bug and sign up for year round pest control. They don't just remove infestations, they prevent them from occurring in the first place. Get your walls sealed today, and sleep better.