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How To Keep Critters Out Of The Kitchen
keep critters out of your rhode island home

Have you ever opened a bag of flour and had a moth come flying out at you? If so, you’ve probably had to deal with pantry pests before! Pests like the American cockroach and German cockroach, the Indian meal moth, cigarette beetle, confused flour beetle and the saw toothed grain beetle are all known for infesting the food in your cupboards. How can you keep them out? Here are some helpful tips to keep pantry pests out of the kitchen and your baked goods:

  • Only buy what you need for a week or two; purchasing in bulk may save you money, but may attract pantry pests.
  • Go through your cupboards and pantry and throw away anything out of date.
  • Regularly deep clean your pantry and cupboard shelves; remove spills and crumbs as to not attract pests.
  • Keep food items stored in hard sided plastic or glass containers with tight fitting lids; the better protected your food is, the less chance it will invite a pantry pest or cockroach infestation.

We often get asked “do cockroaches bite?” The answer is no, these pests don’t cause you physical harm directly but they are known for spreading diseases and causing asthma and allergies, especially in young children. Although pantry pests don’t really cause you any physical harm, they are known for contaminating the food in your cupboards and spreading diseases. Obviously having cockroaches and pantry pests in your home is less than ideal, so if you should recognize an infestation of these pests in your home, contact the New England pest control professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions immediately. Our trained pest control professionals can provide an inspection to pinpoint your specific pest problem and then offer tailored solutions to eliminate these pests and help keep them from returning.

Providing trusted pest control solutions since 1935, Big Blue Bug Solutions is an exceptional insect and rodent control company that can help you get rid of pests that may be bothering you; contact us today for more information on our services and to schedule your first inspection.