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Why Picnics And Pests Don't Mix

Family Time

Summertime is here! Who’s ready to finally get out there and enjoy the warm weather? There are so many fun activities to do during the summer months. Taking your family and friends on a picnic is a great way to get out and enjoy a warm summer day. Don’t let those summer pests ruin a great picnic day! There are a few common pests that seem to want to crash the average picnic. You have the typical ants marching one by one toward your watermelon. Then there are the stinging insects ready to land on anything sweet. Last but certainly not least is the mosquito that always seems to be right in your ear! Don’t let these pests make you pack your picnic basket back up and run for the car. Keep these pest prevention tips in mind when preparing for your picnic fun:

1. When you are preparing your picnic, make sure that all food and beverages are properly stored in sealed containers. Use Tupperware products to keep fruit and veggies sealed. Stinging insects like wasps and bees are attracted to sweet food and beverages. Ants will also be attracted to food like watermelon and beverages like sodas and juice.

2. Make sure you pack some bug spray to keep the mosquitoes away. Products containing DEET are the most effective. There is also an oil of lemon Eucalyptus product that works well. Try brands with Deep wood or backwoods in the name. Something waterproof is great if you are going to be heading to the lake.

3. Try to pick a location that looks pest free when setting up your picnic. If the area offers picnic tables that is a good choice to try to stay away from ants. Bring paper towels to clean up any spills that might attract insects.

Having a pest-free picnic is not only more relaxing but is safer for your family too. Stinging insects can be dangerous and can cause serious problems for people who develop severe reactions to their stings.  Additionally, ants can contaminate food. You do not want a colony of ants setting up their picnic on top of your watermelon or in your favorite drinks. Help keep your family and friends safe this season by following the above tips. They may seem simple but they can help greatly in producing a happy and stress-free picnic day. For information on the pest control services offered by Big Blue click here!