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Why An Ant Infestation May Seem Worse Right After Treatment

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we handle a LOT of ant problems! These pests are everywhere- in homes and apartments, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, food processing facilities and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. There are lots of different ways to treat ants, but one of our favorite ways to gain control over ants in the kitchen or your commercial environment is through ant baiting.

Ant baiting is an effective solution to get rid of more than just the ants that are traipsing through your home or business. By baiting ants, you are giving their entire colony a dose of the effective ant control material. Unless our professionals work to get rid of the entire colony, you will continue to have an ant problem, which is why baiting can be such a useful tool in combating ants. After performing an ant treatment, many of our customers call us in a panic to tell us that immediately after treatment, the problem seems to have gotten worse! This is a short-lived side-effect of ant baiting, but it won’t last long. The reason the ant problem may seem to get worse is because the bait we use is so attractive to ants, that even more ants may show up at your door. But this isn’t a bad thing! The more ants that are attracted to the bait, the sooner the bait will find its way back to the nest to eliminate the rest of the colony. The increase in ant activity is completely to be expected- but please don’t worry! The bait may not kill the ants instantly but will eliminate the entire nest within just a few days.

If you have recently had an ant control service performed by the pros at Big Blue Bug Solutions, you are probably aware that we treated all possible areas around your home where ants may be getting inside. We pay close attention to expansion joints, cracks in the foundation, gaps around doors and windows, and openings around utility pipes and wires. We work hard to help you get rid of ants, including odorous house ants, pavement ants as well as structure damaging carpenter ants. If you are still having problems with ants for several days after a treatment, please don’t hesitate to give our professionals a call!