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Carpenter Ant Control For Worcester Homeowners

carpenter and in worcester

Ants in the house may seem like a minor problem. But what if the ants you are seeing are more than just the annoying little black ants that invade your home every spring? What if they are carpenter ants? Are carpenter ants harmful? The answer is YES! Carpenter ants are known for their destructive habits as they hollow out the wood in your home to build their nests. They will forage for food in your home, which will make them seem like just a nuisance. These ants are just as annoying as your typical ant but they can cause so much more trouble than the average house ant. The truth about carpenter ants is that they are a destructive pest that can cause you many problems and require expensive repairs. Think you could have carpenter ants in your home?

Here are some of the signs of these pests to help you decide whether you have a carpenter ant problem:

  • You may notice small piles of sawdust near the wood in your home. These piles can be seen around cabinetry, decks and even the structural beams in your home. This sawdust is the result of carpenter ants burrowing into the wood to create a nest for their colony.
  • You may see them foraging for food inside your home. Check out our carpenter ant identification page to learn how to identify these insects.
  • Wood damage is an obvious sign of a carpenter ant problem. This damage may look like warped wood, drooping window or door frames, wood that appears weather or water damaged and wood with lots of tiny holes.

Preventing carpenter ants in your home can be a challenge. These insects are attracted to wood that is unpainted or unstained and already has water damage. Replacing damaged wood and painting wood surfaces can help prevent these insects, but these measures aren’t foolproof.

Here are some carpenter ant control tips from the Worcester pest control pros at Big Blue Bug Solutions:

  • Make sure to never leave food out on counter-tops and always protect food by storing it in air-tight containers.
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink for any length of time.
  • Eliminate possible entry points by mending window and door screens. Make sure that storm doors fit securely and caulk up any holes or cracks in the exterior or foundation.
  • Eliminate areas of dampness or humidity. You can do this by fixing leaky pipes or dripping faucets and running a dehumidifier in especially damp areas.
  • Don’t leave pet food out longer than necessary and keep pet food stored in air-tight containers.

These tips should help keep all ant problems down in your home this spring and summer (not just those pesky carpenter ants!). Like most things regarding do-it-yourself pest control, these tips can’t guarantee you won’t have ants in your home. To eliminate carpenter ants this spring, we suggest giving us a call to schedule our effective carpenter ant control services!