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5 Tips To Prevent Mice From Entering Your Home


Seeing a little mouse scurrying across your kitchen floor is never a welcomed sight. Mice are not just annoying they are also a health hazard and dangerous for your home. These small, grey rodents have a tan belly and are about 2.5 to 3.5 inches long. They can be found throughout the United States and are the most common kind of rodent found in a home. They multiply quickly and adapt easily. Finding just one small mouse in your house can mean there are actually a dozen hiding within your walls. No matter how many cartoons try to make the common mouse cute, finding one in your home is never cute.

Having mice invade your home can be dangerous for you and your family. These rodents can introduce insects such as lice, ticks and fleas into your home. They also transmit a host of different diseases. These small pests can also do a world of damage, from chewing through wiring, insulation and sheet rock in your home. Having a mouse chew through your wiring can be a real fire hazard and put your family’s safety at risk.

Mice will find their way into your home through any small crack or hole. They are in search of a warm shelter with easy access to food and water. They are small rodents and can fit into very small holes. These holes can be anything from an area around a pipe or vent to a seal around a window or door. They can chew through insulation and other easy access points. Once a mouse has made an easy entrance into your home, they will search for food and build a nest to get cozy.

Here are 5 simple tips to try to keep mice from entering your home:

  1. Seal the exterior of your home. This can be around any vent, pipe, window or door. Keep your house sealed tight. Do not allow these rodents any easy access points into your home.
  2. Seal up your food. Keep your home from looking inviting by keeping your food sealed tight. Do not give them an easy meal.
  3. Seal up your trash. Keep your trash cans inside and outside your home sealed up tight and cleaned out as often as possible.
  4. Set up traps. Have traps ready to deter mice from staying in your home.
  5. Invest in a cat.  Adopting a cat may help you keep the mice away. This is not a fool proof plan. Some cats are scared of mice.

If you find that you have a mouse infestation in your home, it is best to call a professional pest control company. They will know how to eliminate your mouse problem and help you implement measures to keep them away.