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Treating Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants are a silent threat. They are stealthy in their movements. Leaving few traces that they exist they can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your building before you even realize they are there. Why are they in your home or building and what are they doing there? But the biggest question is, how can you get them out and keep it that way?

Carpenter ants don’t eat wood or cellulose (wood fiber). They damage the wood in structures as they burrow through it making nests and galleries off from their nest. Their diet consists of things like:

  • Dead insects
  • ‘Honey dew’ created by some aphids
  • Plant secretions
  • Human foods (especially meat and sweets)

As you can see, they come into your home looking for food and end up staying for shelter and the ease of finding fast food sources.

Getting rid of them is most assuredly best left to the professionals. You need to be sure that they are really and truly gone. They will not go away on their own. They will only increase in number and continue to create more damage and mess.

Keeping them out is part of the service that the professional pest control specialist should offer you. Here at Big Blue Bug we will locate your problem, identify the pest and the areas affected and come up with a custom plan for your situation that will eradicate the existing problem, help you assess the damage sustained by them and take steps to stop future infestations. We handle all pests, and all aspects of pest control and removal. You may think that a little thing like ants are easy to control. You couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to carpenter ants. They may be small but they pack a deep and costly punch when they nest in your building's wood. Keep your home free of carpenter ants now and always with services through our Home Owners Policy (H.O.P.). If it’s commercial pest control you need we have that too. We are your best option for pest control in New England.