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The Truth About The American Cockroach: Christmas Edition

american cockroach found on a piece of fruit

How do you like your bugs? Do you prefer them to be crawling on the walls, chewing into your pantry foods, sliding across your silverware, or would you rather find them laying on the floor stiff as a board? You may be thinking that you'd rather not see them at all, and we agree. That is the best way to see them. But the cold, hard truth about cockroaches is that these are clever and effective intruders. An adult American cockroach can climb up your exterior walls faster than you can say, "Ew! What is that?" They can run across ceilings, squeeze through thin gaps by compacting their bodies, and are capable of flight. The immature nymphs from this species are not able to fly, but they are tiny enough to crawl through the holes in your outlet. If this isn't bad enough, cockroaches can get into your home stuck on the bottom of your running shoes. Yes, you heard that right. If you squish an impregnated female cockroach, the eggs that get stuck to your sneaker tread are more than capable of hatching without the assistance of their mother. That means you may be tracking in a cockroach infestation without realizing it. But let's get back to those adult bugs.

Christmas time is a time of food, fun, and family. It is a time for presents and eggnog, and festive decorations. Cockroaches make horrible decorations. They do not make the season bright. They look horrible perched on a stocking that was hung by the chimney with care. And they make a lousy mistletoe when they cling to the frame above your bedroom door. What's worse is that these nasty little pests don't just sit there trying to look festive. They move! If you can even come to the place where you're comfortable that there is a cockroach sitting next to the snow globe of frosty in his winter wonderland, as soon as that roach decides to move, your heart is in for a jump start. So, again we ask, "How do you like your bugs?"

At Big Blue Bug, our goal is to seal your walls so that cockroaches cannot get inside. Most of the time, we are able to. But some older houses just have too many holes, and these insects know how to find them. You may get a couple cockroaches that manage to find a way in, but the good news is that those roaches won't be long for this world.

Over time, with ongoing pest service and diligent monitoring, our technicians can seal up even the holey-est of houses. If you're tired of having cockroaches for ornaments and festive wall decorations, give us a call. We're Big Blue Bug Solutions, and we know how to protect Massachusetts and Rhode Island homes from the dreaded American cockroach.