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Did I Carry Bed Bugs Home?

Bed Bug

That’s a question many ask themselves after arriving home from vacation and waking up with tiny red bites on their arms, legs or other exposed skin. It’s very common to carry bed bugs home after traveling especially during the summer months. We’ll explain why. Keep on reading.

Bed bugs are transients. These pests are hitchhikers, they don’t necessarily stay in one spot but hitch rides on suitcases, purses, even on people. Their goal is to find the next meal and that could be your blood.

Bed bug activity increases during the summer months. Though there’s no official bed bug season, calls about these biting pests increase in the summer. That’s because more people are traveling and increasing their chances of encountering bed bugs.

Bed bugs are not just a problem in hotels. You used to only hear about bed bugs in hotels but more often you hear reports of these bugs in homes, clothing stores and even movie theaters. To summarize, anywhere people congregate you are likely to find bed bugs.

If you’re staying at a hotel or other commercial lodging, it’s important to remember that bed bugs don’t stay in bed. It’s a common misconception that bed bugs are only found in beds. They do love beds and will often hang out in seams, it’s true. But we often find them in the cracks of headboards, hanging out in nightstands, and lurking in seams of upholstered furniture. Really you can find these pests just about anywhere in a room.

When you first arrive at your destination, be sure to inspect the accommodations for bed bugs or signs of them. This includes adult bugs, eggs, and blood spots on linens. We also recommend leaving your clothes and belongings in the closed suitcases to lessen your chances of picking up bed bugs.

Upon arrival home, don’t just throw everything down in the living room. Really you should unpack in the garage or even the driveway. You will want to inspect luggage thoroughly for bed bugs and also check each item as you unpack. Clothing should be washed in the hottest temperature possible to kill bugs and eggs. Once unpacked, vacuum suitcase and you might even consider storing them in plastic, sealable bags.

Now if you make it home only to discover these biting pests hitched a ride with you, don’t panic! Just give us a call at Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our team of RI pest control experts specialize in bed bug control and are ready to help you evict these unwanted houseguests.