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Why Do Mosquitoes Love Me?

Mosquito Bite

You're not imagining things. Studies have shown that mosquitoes prefer one person over the next. If you have type O blood, those little suckers will love you for it. And, mosquitoes find some people more appetizing because of the genetic makeup of their skin. There isn't a lot you can do about these two factors. But there are some ways we attract mosquitoes that can be helped.

Heat: Mosquitoes are blood eaters, so this is an insect that is on the lookout for anything that has blood flowing through it. The more heat the better. Mosquitoes are wired to find the fastest meal possible. If they have two creatures to choose from, they will choose the hotter of the two because hotter usually means faster blood flow. If a deer has been running through the woods, its blood is pumping fast through its veins. That means a mosquito can draw what it needs faster, and then get out of Dodge.

Carbon Dioxide: Blood-carrying animals emit carbon dioxide. CO2 emissions are the primary means mosquitoes use to identify their targets. The more carbon dioxide the better. This makes anyone who has been exerting themselves more of a target than the person who is sitting around. But if you've ever sat in a place where there are a lot of mosquitoes, you know that staying still isn't a good idea either, because you're still breathing, and you're still hot.

Movement: Though you can get eaten alive while sitting in one spot, mosquitoes are drawn to movement. This is how they tell the difference between you and other CO2-releasing things like decaying trees.

Sugar: Did your grandparents ever tell you that mosquitoes like you because you're sweet? It is partly true. The more lactic acid your skin produces, the more mosquitoes will like you. But drinking soda and beer isn't the only thing that can make your skin produce lactic acid, you could be genetically disposed to produce excess amounts.

Dark colors: Mosquitoes are drawn to dark colors because they tend to fly low to the ground and use contrast to differentiate their target from the horizon. If you wear lighting colors, you'll get fewer mosquitoes targeting you.

So, how do you prevent mosquito bites?

Stand still in front of a fan with white clothes on, hold your breath, and make sure you haven't had anything to drink that has sugar in it. Well, you could do that or you could have a pest control company treat for mosquitoes while these pests are active. Most mosquitoes don't travel more than 100 yards in their lifetime. There is a good chance that those mosquitoes that are eating you came from your lawn or a wet area nearby. Protect yourself by protecting your property. That is the best way to prevent bites.

Big Blue Bug Solutions provides mosquito (and tick) treatments that will help you protect your family during mosquito season in New England. Contact us today.