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brandon from big blue bug inspecting a kitchen

Everyone loves a good mystery. Mysteries make books more enjoyable to read, movies more fun to watch, and life more interesting to live. But, there are definitely some mysteries we can live without: Strange medical problems that plague us for years, odd sounds in our vehicles that have us wondering if we're going to find ourselves stranded in the middle of a desert--or worse--the wrong side of town. And pretty much any mystery that has to do with odd oil smells coming from the basement. When these mysteries present themselves, it is time to get a professional to look into the problem. The same is true when you're dealing with pests.

Do you have a pest mystery in your home? Are you hearing scraping in the walls, strange noises coming from the attic, or skittering on the kitchen floor at night? Have you found chew holes in your pantry food packages, droppings in the back of your silverware drawer, or urine stains on food shelves? These are mysteries you can live without.

When pests like cockroaches, ants and rodents invade a home, they can spread disease, harmful bacteria, allergens and parasites. If you let these mysteries go unchecked, you could end up with other, more frustrating mysteries, like lice in your kids' hair, mites infesting your bed, flu-like illness attacking the whole family, trips to the doctor for asthma treatment and more. Pests cause all kinds of discomfort that we often blame on other things. These are mysteries you can live without.

Don't make a call to a pest professional be your last option, especially when companies like Big Blue Bug offer free inspections. When you have health problems, you see a doctor. When you have car problems, you see a mechanic. When you start discovering evidence of household pests, it pays to call a professional.

Your Big Blue Bug technician will tell you what pests are plaguing you, how widespread the problem is, what effects those pests will have on your family, and what modern treatment options are available to control these problems. Plus, professional treatment means the problem will be fixed. At Big Blue Bug, we don't put a Band-Aid on your issue. We eradicate the infestation, cleanse infested areas, seal your walls, and apply proper pesticides to vulnerable areas.

If you think you have a pest problem, it is time to call the pest professionals here at Big Blue Bug and figure out what is bugging you and how bad it's bugging you. It is completely free and you have no obligation to buy services.

Some mysteries are great. But when it comes to mysterious pests living inside your home, it is time to get a professional involved. That is why we offer free inspections. Get your mystery solved. Call 888-Blue-Bug and schedule your free inspection today.