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Fall Rodent Problems

mouse in a massachusetts restaurant

Have you heard the phrase, "The best defense is a good offense?" Of course you have. But when it comes to fall rodents chewing through the walls of your business, the best defense is actually a good defense. What does a good offense look like? The concept is that you score before your opponent has a chance to score, thus eliminating the need to have a strong defense set up. In the case of your business, there really is no offense that would eliminate the need for a defense.

There is little chance you'll be able to wipe out all the rodents in your surrounding are, and getting rid of food sources isn't going to keep mice and rats from getting in when temperatures start to drop. This is not a problem that can be dealt with by using an offensive strategy.

Another point to consider is that this is the season when mice and rats come in. Every fall, when it starts to get cold, rodents begin to search for harborage. You can almost set your calendar to it. If you have laid the groundwork for a good defense, you could save yourself from having to deal with a PR nightmare or legal issues that can arise from a rodent infestation in your business.

What does a good defense look like? The first stage in developing a good defense is to know how to build an effective barrier. Here are the steps you can take as a business to resist the fall invasion.

Seal Entry Points

  • Look for cracks in your basement walls. Use a liquid cement to fill holes and seal cracks.
  • Inspect around pipes, outlets and wiring boxes. If you have gaps, fill them in. Hardware cloth and caulk both work well.
  • Inspect exterior walls for rotted areas. Use a caulking gun to fill in spots, until you are able to properly repair them.
  • Make sure all your screens, door sweeps and weather stripping are in good shape. If you have an opening, rodents may choose to make those holes bigger.

Remove attractants

  • When cold weather comes, mice won't need a food source to enter your business, but exterior food sources can lure them onto your property. Make sure outside garbage is always secure.
  • Be sure that your gutter system works to channel water away from your building. Rodents aren't just looking for sources of food.

These tips are most commonly not all you need to keep rodents out of your Massachusetts business. Often, rodents truly can't be fully excluded without the help of a professional. If you need help setting up the best defense, give us a call. Our business is to keep your business rodent and pest free.