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How Can You Get Rid Of Moles?

mole found in rhode island

Are you discovering little dirt hills on your lawn? Are they a few inches high and a few inches wide, and are they made by something pushing up the dirt from underneath the grass? Are you seeing raised areas or actual tunnels twisting across your property? How about your plants? Are you finding that some of them are damaged or dead? If you have answered yes to some or all of these questions, chances are good that you are dealing with moles. No. We're not talking about the dark brown kind that can be a mark of beauty on a female face; we're talking about the grey kind that live underground and are definitely not a mark of beauty for your lawn.

The frustration of these pests is that you never actually see them--only the damage that they leave behind. But don't be tempted to think that moles are after your plants or grass. They are actually only after insects. You see, moles are related to the bat and the shrew and they feed on creatures such as snails, grubs, slugs, millipedes, and centipedes; but mostly, they are after earthworms. And that is why they dig up your lawn and plants. Moles prefer to live in moist, shady areas and do their damage not only by pushing up dirt, but also by creating air pockets around roots. This is one way they can cause extensive damage to plants.

Are moles dangerous to people or pets?

Moles are not generally dangerous to humans or pets. They rarely, if ever, bite, since they almost never even come up to the surface of the ground. They can be, however, dangerous to your yard's reputation if they are left to do more damage. If left untreated, they may multiply and spread into the yard next to yours, possibly damaging the relationship with your neighbor.

How to get rid of moles:

Trying to get rid of moles on your own can prove to be extremely frustrating. Typically, many moles live in the same tunnels, and it can be challenging to locate all the entrances and active pathways. Even one or two moles can inflict significant damage to your property, but if left alone to multiply, the damage will multiply as well. The only sure way to get rid of moles from your area is to enlist the help of a professional pest control company.

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