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The Definitive Guide To Millipedes
millipede curled up in a ma backyard

If you deal with millipedes in, or around, your property, we don't have to tell you how maddening these little insects can be. These critters can invade by the hundreds. So, we've decided to write up this simple guide to help you better understand these occasional invaders. Hopefully, it will reduce any nervousness you may have and give you some ideas on how you can fight back.

  • First things first. Millipedes are vegetarians (herbivores) so you don't have to worry about them biting you. They do not eat meat. But, you probably already knew this.
  • You are most likely to have millipedes invade your home after it rains and this is because the ground becomes too saturated for their comfort. While this is a creature that loves moisture, it does not enjoy drowning.
  • Millipedes can be resisted if you turn off all exterior lights at night and draw the shades on windows so no light slips out. Some millipedes are attracted to light. This isn't a 100% solution, but definitely worth implementing. The opposite is also true. If you set up a very strong light and shine it on the ground, you can lure millipedes to go there, instead of other undesirable places.
  • Millipedes don't last long inside your home. Most homes are too dry for millipedes to live in, but dead millipedes are just about as disgusting as live millipedes when it is inside your home. So it is best to keep them out.
  • Sealing all cracks in your foundation, and making sure all your door sweeps are working well, is the first line of defense against millipedes. It is one thing to have them on your deck and walkways by the thousands, but quite another to have them inside your home.
  • Door and window screens are also necessary to keep these insects out because they climb walls and walk across ceilings.
  • Make sure all vents have window-grade screens on them.
  • Don't let leaf litter stack up near your exterior walls or deck. Rotting leaf cover is highly attractive to millipedes.
  • If you have mulch, it can be attractive to millipedes when it gets wet.
  • The drier it is around your home, the less interesting your home will be to millipedes.

When you have millipedes getting into your home and you're not sure how it's time to get an educated pest professional involved. If you're in our extensive New England service area, call Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our technicians will get rid of any invading millipedes, and address the factors that allowed--or encouraged--them to get in.

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