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Celebrate The New Year In A New Way

pest control tech inspecting a homes kitchen

Are you ready for the New Year? Do you already have your fireworks ready? Have you already gotten wood for a bonfire? Are your cabinets full of New Year's food? If you are like most Mainers, these are definitely high on the New Year's to-do list. But, we have a new way to celebrate the New Year.

We have a lot of bugs and wildlife that can get into our homes, garages, sheds, and outbuildings here in South Portland. But, there is a way to keep them out.

You don't have to live with:

  • Carpenter ants developing nests inside your walls.
  • Termites eating away at your equity.
  • Cockroaches skittering around on the floor of your pantry or climbing up the wall at an unnatural speed.
  • Mice and rats leaving droppings in your drawers and sliding their belly on your silverware after they've done a little dumpster diving.
  • Lyme disease plaguing you or your dog for years and years.
  • Bats scratching and thumping in your walls.
  • Wasps attacking you when you go into your attic or out into your shed.
  • Indian meal moths laying their eggs in your pantry foods.
  • Clothing moths chewing holes in your favorite shirt.
  • Fleas feasting on your ankles and tormenting your pets.
  • Raccoons knocking your trash over and spreading it across your lawn.
  • Flies driving you crazy as soon as it warms up enough.
  • Yellow jackets swarming you because you accidentally mowed your lawn near the hole they decided to build a nest in.
  • Moles, voles, and gophers eating your plants or damaging the trees on your property.
  • Skunks filling your entire home with a stench so strong you can smell it even when you bury your face in your pillow.
  • Squirrels bumping and thumping in your attic.

You don't have to live with bugs and rodents. You can make 2017 the year you started living pest-free. Just call Big Blue Bug Solutions and sign up for year-round pest service. Our residential pest plan covers everything from tiny clover mites to great big raccoons.

We've been protecting homes throughout New England for over 80 years. Let our team of educated and experienced professionals keep your family, pets, and home safe from the many issues that come from having bugs and rodents get into places they shouldn't be.

Happy New Year from all of us here at Big Blue Bug Solutions!