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Carpenter Ants Active In Winter?

carpenter ant inside home

Do something real quick. Take a peek out the window of your home. What do you see? Are there any bugs flying around? If you're reading this article on the day we post it, the conditions outside are not going to be favorable for insects.

Winter in Massachusetts comes with a bitter cold and lots and lots of white fluffy stuff. Neither of these appeal to insects. So, it only makes sense to assume that your home is safe from carpenter ants in the winter, right? While it is true that carpenter ants are not likely to tunnel through the frozen ground or fly through the freezing air, you may actually still be at risk.

Three reasons your home may not be safe from carpenter ants this winter:

  1. Ants are already inside your home. While it is extremely unlikely that a new carpenter ant infestation is going to occur during the winter months in Massachusetts, outside conditions may have no effect on carpenter ants that have already found their way into your home and have established a colony.
  2. Ants do not have to hibernate. If conditions are favorable, carpenter ants can be active all winter long. If you've ever taken a trip to Florida during the winter, you are aware that bugs don't need to stop just because the calendar says it is winter. If the walls of your home are warm enough, carpenter ants will be happy to keep chewing tunnels and galleries in your wood.
  3. Your home has a food source. If there is available food in your home, carpenter ants will have the energy they need to work, reproduce, and cause damage in your home. Since these insects are omnivorous, their food selections can be quite extensive. They may feed on crumbs that are hiding under your toaster, pet food that is left out between meals, food remnants on dirty dishes, stored foods, and more. It is when carpenter ants come out to get these food sources that they make themselves known. What is most dangerous is when they find a food source that is hidden away in a secluded area.

If you're seeing big black ants crawling around your home this winter, make sure you identify those ants. Carpenter ants are destructive pests, even in winter. These pests cost U.S. property owners millions of dollars each and every year.

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