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Wildlife Control


In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, winter has arrived, but as we're writing this article, we can't help but notice that there is not much snow piled up on the window sills. While that makes getting to work every day a bit easier, it causes another problem. Little or no snow covering makes it easier for wildlife to get around. That means there is a greater chance we'll have them breaking into our homes.

Wildlife is a problem every winter. Many of the woodland creatures that live around our homes don't hibernate. Sure, squirrels stockpile food for the winter and will sometimes stay tucked away for days or weeks on end, but as soon as the wind dies down, they are out foraging again. They'll run across two feet of snow if there is a nice hard coating on top. But when the temps are floating around 30 degrees and the ground is mostly clear, it is like ringing a dinner bell.

Winter Wildlife Prep

Whether you have zero snow in your backyard or two feet, it is important to make sure your home isn't susceptible to wildlife. Here are some simple things you can do:

  • Secure those trash cans. Skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and other foragers are drawn in by the smell of trash. A seal can keep smells in and wildlife out. It also lessens the attractiveness of your home. When rodents, skunks, and raccoons come in to sniff around, they could find a vulnerable zone in your house and find a way in. Rodents are equipped with strong teeth that can chew through some surprising barriers, and keeping raccoons out is like trying to keep a human burglar out. These clever creatures have fingers that are capable of taking a quarter out of your pocket.
  • Fill in rotted areas. If you have holes in your exterior walls it can be tempting to leave them when you don't have the budget to fix them properly, but consider filling them in. A caulking gun will go a long way to keeping woodland intruders from breaching your defenses.
  • Don't leave any food out. We know how much you love those birds, but be aware that bird seed on the ground will draw in other creatures, and these cold temperatures make them motivated to find a place to hide.

Go The Extra Mile

Having a professional inspect your home, especially with conditions like we're seeing this winter, is vital in keeping wildlife pests out. At Big Blue, our technicians are educated in the habits and habitats of wild animals. They will be able to show you where your home is vulnerable and offer real solutions to seal those areas.

If you already have a wild animal harboring somewhere on your property, we can help you with that too. Our wildlife specialists are trained and experienced in the humane removal of all animals that invade New England homes.

Real wildlife solutions from Big Blue Bug Solutions. Every time.