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Don't Invite Flies To Your Summer BBQ!

fly contaminating watermelon

Flies! That’s such a huge topic. Did you know that there are well over 120,000 species of fly worldwide? And some estimates say that number is probably much, much higher. Flies come in all shapes and sizes too. Some are large like the horse fly and some are tiny like the fruit fly. Some are so common that we hardly even notice when they are buzzing around, like the house fly; and some are very rare and appear on the endangered species list, like the friendly fly. Who knew?

One thing is for sure and that is that summer season is in full swing and flies will be a part of it, especially if you are having a barbecue. One of the dangers involved with having a cookout is the fact that flies will inevitably land on your hamburger or perch atop of your soda can or dive bomb that fresh fruit salad bowl. Dangerous? No, surely that’s a misprint. Flies aren’t dangerous to have around. I mean there are so many that we hardly even notice them anymore. Flies are just a harmless fact of life and are nothing more than a nuisance. Are these the thoughts that just ran through your mind? If so, you may want to consider these facts…

Have you ever heard of typhoid, cholera, dysentery, salmonella, anthrax, tuberculosis, or parasitic worms? These are all things that are known to be carried and spread by house flies, and parasitic worms and tularemia can be transmitted by horse flies. The fact is that flies are vectors. Vectors are living organisms that can transmit diseases to humans. Those flies don’t seem so innocent and inconspicuous anymore, do they?

So, what exactly can you do to help keep flies from ruining your barbecue? Well, most flies are looking for one of two things – decaying organic matter or sugary substances. You must eliminate these sources, or at least limit them if you want to discourage flies from crashing your feast. We all know that keeping food in the house for serving is helpful, but it doesn’t eliminate the issue. You can also make sure drinks are kept covered or in containers that limit access by flies, and you can go before your evening’s event and prepare your yard by picking up and throwing out any decaying matter such as leaf piles, dead plant or flower debris, dog excrement, and by covering trash receptacles. Yes, these are all necessary and helpful steps that help some, but flies are very versatile and persistent creatures. They will inevitably show up even though you have done everything you can do to keep them off the guest list.

Your only hope in avoiding flies and the diseases that they carry and spread is to limit the number of them on your property. You surely can’t completely eradicate every fly from your neighborhood, but you can definitely deplete their numbers and thereby thus depleting your chances of contracting an illness. How, exactly, are you supposed to limit these creatures? Well, that’s where we come in. Here at Big Blue Bug Solutions, our fly experts are trained to think like flies. They know their habits and habitats – what they eat, where they nest, how they breed – all the facts that attract flies to your property. We have the experience, technology, and products to safely and effectively control flies and other harmful pests on your property and in your home or business.

Don’t let flies ruin your summer barbecue. Contact the fly experts here at Big Blue Bug Solutions and see just how affordable it is to keep your family and guests safe from the harmful effects of pests this summer season.