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Little Brown Bats Are No Little Threat

bat in providence

Are you finding signs that bats have gotten into your home? Are you finding guano on the deck or around a hole in your eaves? Do you hear bumping and scratching inside your walls? When you go to bed at night, are their faint chirping sounds coming from your attic? Yup. You've got bats. But how big of a deal is it?

Little Brown Bat. Big Deal

If you've been told that bats are no big deal, there are a few things you should know. While it is definitely true that bats are generally docile creatures that have no interest in attacking humans, these creatures can, and do, bite us. They don't do it a lot. But it does happen.

Why do they bite us? While bats are considered to be the number one threat for rabies in the U.S., it isn't because they bite humans more than any other animal. It is more that when they bite, people don't seek immediate medical treatment. This has lead to several rabies fatalities--a particular threat for children who accidentally come in contact with bats. The problem health officials are finding is that children who get bitten don't tell their parents. Be sure to educate your kids and help them to understand that a bat bite can be fatal.

Adults contract rabies from bats in a similar way. They handle bats with their bare hands, get bitten, and don't realize that they should seek immediate medical attention (it is also important to capture the bat and bring it in with you). If you bring the animal in, you can avoid the rabies treatment if the bat is free from the disease—the treatment involves a long needle that many consider rather unpleasant.

Bats can also be dangerous to humans by exposure to the diseases they can carry and spread through their guano. It is not a good idea to go into a space that bats have been dwelling in without proper protection.

Little brown bats are no little threat. If you're finding signs that bats have invaded your home, we strongly urge you to consider professional wildlife control - and not simply because it is dangerous to remove them. Educated wildlife professionals know how to address contamination issues and take care of factors that lead to the infestation in the first place.

If you are in our extensive service area, we can help. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we don't just get rid of bugs; our highly educated team of wildlife experts takes care of animal problems too. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance.