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Do You Have Wildlife Plaguing Your Rhode Island Home?

mole sticking out of molehill

Most of us love wildlife. If we didn't, there wouldn't be zoos. But when wild animals come onto our property, they can cause real issues. Here in Rhode Island, these are four animals you're likely to see.


Do you have moles? No, not the kind that make beauty queens prettier, the kind that destroys your lawn. Do you have lines of dead areas in your lawn, sometimes in lightning bolt patterns? Can you see dirt pushed up, looking like multiple tunnels? Is there a volcano-like mounds of dirt somewhere on your property. These are all signs of mole activity. These cute little critters have long noses, small eyes and oversized paws with scary-looking claws attached, that are perfect for digging.


Although 'vole' sounds a lot like 'mole', they are very different creatures. Yes, they do both destroy your lawn, but voles, unlike moles, are rodents. This means that they have all the characteristics of rodents, such as ever-growing incisors that must be filed down constantly. Voles will chew everything in sight, from fences to trees to the vegetables in your garden. Voles make tunnels, but they are different from mole tunnels in that you will only see their entry and exit holes. Voles look a lot like mice, only bigger. They grow to be 3 to 9 inches in length.


Although most people have the idea that, while bats may be creepy, they are generally harmless. This is actually not entirely true. Though they do not typically attack humans, there are two conditions where they will. First, if a bat is scared, it may attack. If you go after a bat with a net or a trash bag or some other container, that little creature is likely to get scared and attack. Second, if a bat has rabies it may attack. Bats are a significant vector for the rabies virus. Never take the chance that the bat in your home is safe.


These cute furry creatures are not so cute when you consider the damage they can cause. Squirrels can cause damage to trees since they are always chewing. Squirrels carry various diseases, and parasites such as ticks, fleas, and ringworm. They also constantly dig, so they are likely to destroy plants and flowers. If you have fruit trees, they will steal your fruit. And, if all this isn't bad enough, a squirrel inside your home can do all sorts of damage--even chew wires and start a fire.

What can you do if you have any, or all, of these creatures plaguing your Rhode Island property?

Since all of these creatures are difficult to eradicate on your own, and some can be quite dangerous, your best course of action is to call the professionals here at Big Blue Bug Solutions. You don't have to deal with these pests, or any other pests for that matter, with a little help from Big Blue Bug Solutions.