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May In Maine

carpenter ant up close

It is the end of spring in Maine. Time to put away the snowshoes and skis, time to hang the sled up in the garage, and time to pack away the winter clothes. Things are warming up outside, and that means trips to the beach, cookouts, and pool parties. Yup. Mainers look forward to the end of spring and the beginning of summer. You know who else does? Carpenter ants.

While you're planning a trip to the coast, they are planning to create new colonies in and around your home. While you're deciding which days will be best to take a trip to Mount Katahdin, they're creating male and female reproductives that will fly out and look for new locations to start nests. And, since we had a fairly mild winter, there is a good chance they've already gotten quite a bit done.

If you have a mature nest in your home, you can expect to start seeing swarmers appearing at any time. Usually, you'll find them crawling on the inside of your exterior windows. You may be tempted to just vacuum them up and move on with your day, but don't. If carpenter ants are left untreated, they can do quite a bit of damage to your home. It isn't that they chew large holes or anything like that. It is more that they chew tunnels and galleries that cause your supports to weaken. When supports weaken, the frame of your house can begin to bend and warp.

We are often asked, "How do I get carpenter ants out and keep them out?" But, the bigger question you should be asking is, "Why are carpenter ants attacking MY house." The answer is, these ants are usually a sign of water damage. Carpenter ants can eat into hard wood, but they prefer softer rotted wood. If your home has rotted wood than there's a good chance water is getting in.

In Maine, there are many ways water can work its way into a home. When you have 8 feet of snow sitting on your roof, it can damage your home and get in when it melts.

It is also common for gutters to break and water to flow down the side of Maine homes. This is because build up and heavy snow can damage your gutters. And, dead branches from trees can cause obstructions in your gutter system. Both are bad.

If you're seeing swarmers in your home this May or June, take action and call Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our team of experts will not only help you eradicate your carpenter ant problem, they can help you take the first steps to getting your home protected from water damage. Protection from water damage and carpenter ants can seriously help protect the equity of your Maine home.