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Why You Do Not Want Squirrels Near Your Rhode Island Home


Do you enjoy seeing cute, furry, little squirrels in your Rhode Island yard? Aren't they just the sweetest little things, with their twitchy tails, and quick movements? And they are fun to watch as they chase each other on trees and down your fence line. But could these cute little critters be bad to have around? Consider the following facts and decide for yourself:

Squirrels can cause bark damage on trees

Squirrels are rodents, and rodents chew. They have teeth that never stop growing. So, they need to chew constantly to wear those teeth down. And, where do squirrels spend a large amount of their time? In trees. So it makes sense that they would chew on branches and strip away bark. Not only can this become an eyesore, if there is enough damage, it can stress the tree. If you have young trees in your yard, it could even kill them.

Squirrels carry diseases

A few of the diseases and pests that wild squirrels carry include ticks, fleas, and ringworms. This may be one reason why most squirrels do not live to the age of four years. And, the more squirrels in your backyard, the more chance you or your family have of picking up a parasite or contracting a squirrel-borne disease.

Squirrels destroy plants

Since squirrels are constantly digging, they often do damage to plant bulbs and roots. Tulip bulbs are even more at risk because squirrels will dig these bulbs up and eat them. Plus, all this constant digging can cause your gardens and lawns to look unkempt and unappealing, and create more work for you in correcting the damage.

Squirrels steal food

If you happen to have fruit or nut trees, or a vegetable garden, squirrels often help themselves to the fruits of your labor. For commercial farms, this can be a nightmare because the constant foraging of squirrels reduces the total harvest. But, for a homeowner trying to grow food on a much smaller scale, it can mean very little harvest, if any, if the squirrels are not deterred.

Squirrels will damage a home if they find a way inside

Once a squirrel has found a way inside your home, they will waste no time rearranging things to make themselves comfortable. They'll rip out insulation to create a nest, chew holes in your walls or roof to make entering and exiting easier, and have the potential to chew on wires which can cause a house fire.

So… What can you do to deter squirrels?

Here at Big Blue Bug Solutions, we have over 75 years of experience eliminating household pests and deterring animals from plaguing Rhode Island yards and homes. If you would rather not have to worry about squirrels damaging your yard, garden, trees, or home, let Big Blue Bug Solutions help. Squirrels are no problem for our Rhode Island wildlife control pros.