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What You Can Do When Fleas Get In

flea on a white background under a microscope

You may think that the threat of fleas getting into your home is over now that the weather has turned colder but this is not the case. While fleas may not be as numerous out there in your yard, they are still alive and well, warm and toasty, living on all sorts of animals.

You may be tempted to think you're safe from fleas if you don't have pets. While fleas will definitely take advantage of the opportunity to ride into your home on Brutus or Fluffy, they are just as happy to hitch a ride on a little mouse squeezing through a hole in your foundation, a raccoon infiltrating your back porch, or a squirrel climbing in through a damaged soffit. And these animals are not picky about the parasites they carry; they may also be bringing in mites, lice, and ticks, which can present a whole host of other issues.

Yup, fleas are pretty resourceful. And, they can find all sorts of ways to get into your home as the temperatures drop. Once established in your home, they are able to multiply and spread quickly. Did you know that a female flea can lay eggs every 12 days and can produce as many as 600 babies in one month? It's true! And, at that rate, one little flea could turn into thousands in no time at all.

As you may know, a flea infestation can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Fleas are amazing jumpers, jumping 100 times their height, and accelerating at super speeds. They find their way into rugs, beds, clothing, furniture, drawers, pet bedding, plants, and practically any other area of a home. While shampoos, powders, collars, and sprays may help to reduce the flea population somewhat, many homeowners find themselves in a maddening battle, spending out more and more money in a never-ending cycle of fighting fleas.

If you do not yet have fleas in your home, it will help to be proactive in keeping up with flea treatments on pets. But, you may have to do a little more to safeguard your home against rodents or other animals getting in. Keeping your yard clutter free, removing all food and water sources, and trimming back vegetation from your home can help deter animals from seeking shelter in your home. But, the best way to keep animals, and fleas, out of your home is to procure help from a professional pest control company.

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