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Why You Do Not Want Mice In Your South Portland Home


I grew up right here in Maine on a farm in Aroostook County before settling down in a more populated area of our state as an adult. I remember every year when the weather would start to get colder my grandfather headed out to the barn with a fist full of mouse traps and a bag of mothballs to help combat the hordes of mice that always seemed to be trying to get in. Mothballs were thrown under the floorboards and in all the corners and traps were set everywhere. Every few days he would go back out to the barn and empty each of those traps. Still, the mice would be there chewing into the feed bags in the barn and leaving their droppings everywhere. Whether you live in rural Maine or here in South Portland, mice are a constant and irritating problem to deal with.

Some don’t consider having a mouse or two a big deal. The problem is that a mouse or two only remain a mouse or two for about 20 days or so and then you have a family. Before the year is out, a few mice can become dozens living in your attic, in your basement, and in your walls. The feces alone can cause you and your family serious respiratory problems. Mice are carriers of hantavirus, typhus, and salmonella that they spread to your family by contaminating your food supply, often before you even realize they are there.

Unfortunately, these little rodents can damage your home as well as your health. Mice chew. A lot! They chew on plastic and wood, boxes, insulation, and even your walls and furniture. They chew through the packaging of food in your cupboards and spread contamination. They will even chew on the wiring throughout your home greatly increasing your risk of fire.

Getting rid of mice is much harder than many would think. When you think that you only have a few mice, there are likely many more you know nothing about. Traps, dangerous poisons, and a cat are not likely to get the job done for you. A call to Big Blue Bug Solutions is your answer. Our professional technicians will inspect your home, find where the mice are hiding, and eliminate the problem; and we can quickly identify areas that are conducive for drawing mice to your home in the first place so that those areas can be corrected. When mice in Maine become an issue, be sure to turn to the mice specialists here at Big Blue Bug for your rodent solutions.