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Are Earwigs Dangerous?

earwig crawling on ground

We have all seen “pincher bugs” on the ground, in out-buildings, and even inside our homes. You have to admit, earwigs are creepy and scary looking with their pincer like appendages. Not only that, they move very quickly and congregate in very large numbers making them look like something out of a horror movie.

But, are those scary bugs really all that dangerous? Do not fear, they do not pose any danger to you or your pets, which is contrary to the old myth about them. Their name came from that old myth that said they crawled into people's ears and bored holes into their brains. This myth is not true at all. Unless they are threatened, they usually don't even bite, and the bite is not very painful or cause much of a reaction at all. They are however a serious nuisance, and who wants these creepy creatures roaming about all over their home anyway? Not me that’s for sure, they give me the shivers.

To prevent earwigs from entering your home, you will need to seal off all cracks, holes, and crevices that provide an entry point. Replace or repair broken screens, vents, door and window frames. You should eliminate all sources of moisture that attract the earwigs, like fixing leaky pipes and running a dehumidifier in damp rooms. These tips will help, but most likely you will still experience the dreaded “pincher bug”.

You’ve seen them, you know you don’t want them and you need to get rid of them. The only way to eliminate them completely from your home and property is by calling on the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions in Providence, Rhode Island and throughout our New England service area. You will be guaranteed results!

What’s even better than getting rid of “pincher bugs” completely? That’s easy, keeping them away with year-round pest control services! We have the best solutions that are responsible and effective. At Big Blue Bug Solutions we offer a preventative maintenance program, where we visit three times per year to take care of the most common pests in your home. If a pest issue arises in between visits, we come back at no additional cost to you.

We also take pride in being the cleanest pest control around and offer our exclusive Blue Glove Service. When we enter your home we want to leave it as clean as when we got there, so our technicians wear blue gloves and booties every time we enter your home. When we leave, the only difference will be is that the pests will be gone too.

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