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How Mosquito & Tick Control Works


We don't know if you've noticed or not but mosquitoes and ticks are quite plentiful here in New England. And, while we're tough enough to endure a few dozen itchy welts, and the occasional discovery of a tick sucking out our blood, these pests can actually transmit some pretty serious diseases. That is why it is important to have mosquito and tick control for our yards. Here's how (and why) it works.

The How

When you sign up for mosquito and tick control you can expect routine visits from a professional armed with a portable spray machine. What the professional is doing with that sprayer is applying a residual insecticide that is strong enough to destroy mosquitoes and ticks in all stages of development.

Your pest control specialist will also apply larvicide to areas of still water. This destroys eggs before they can hatch into new mosquitoes--which is helpful if you enjoy spending time in your backyard.

The Why

There is a common misconception that eliminating mosquitoes in our backyard is an exercise in futility, that, when we kill mosquitoes in our yard, they are only replaced by more mosquitoes that fly in from outside our property. This is wrong for two reasons:

  • The first reason is connected to the impact of mosquito elimination. When a mosquito dies in your yard, not only will it not lay eggs in your yard, but it won't lay eggs in all of the yards around yours. Every mosquito that dies in your yard effectively reduces the mosquitoes in your entire area.
  • Second, mosquitoes don't typically travel further than a few hundred yards in their entire life. If you kill mosquitoes in your area, it will take time for those mosquito populations to replenish. And routine mosquito abatement service helps to maintain this resistance throughout the entire mosquito season.

What About Ticks?

Okay, you now know how and why mosquito treatments work, but what about those ticks? Well, it just so happens that mosquito treatments also destroy ticks in all stages of development. While your pest control technician is wiping out those mosquitoes, the ticks are being dealt with too. And, since the EPA-approved insecticides used are residual, they create ongoing control between visits.

If you love spending time in your backyard but don't enjoy getting sick from mosquitoes and ticks, mosquito and tick control service is the best way to fight back. For more information, or to set up service for your New England home or business, reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions. We offer real solutions for all of your New England bug problems.