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Don’t Forget About Carpenter Ants

carpenter ant crawling on floor

Just because it’s getting colder outside doesn’t mean all of the ants are dying off. They’re just looking for a place to hide and to make new homes for the winter! Carpenter ants are very resilient and expert survivors. They have been known to build satellite colonies in the comfort of our foundations as the weather cools. These satellite colonies are temporary homes for the carpenters to live in and reproduce during the cold months. 

Though the satellite colonies are much smaller than the original mother colony, they’re just as dangerous to our homes as the ants build an elaborate network of tunnels connecting each satellite together and to the mother colony. Additionally, once spring comes around, the carpenter ants are going to be on the move. They’ll be searching for food and migrating back to the mother colony. By ignoring the unseen carpenter ant infestation during the winter, you’re ensuring that you’ll have to wage an epic war come warmer weather.

Thankfully, there are a variety of immediate do-it-yourself pest control practices you can implement in order to get a jump-start on that war we're talking about.

There are three main ways you can help push the ants out of your home and into the cold:

  1. Vacuuming. If you see carpenter ants in your home, you can immediately get rid of the ones you see with your vacuum. Just make sure to dispose of the vacuum bag or contents of the canister immediately so they don’t climb back out and re-infest your home. This is a good method for getting rid of ants as you see them, but it won’t eliminate the colony.
  2. Dish Soap, baking soda, and vinegar. Common items in your kitchen can help eliminate carpenter ants. You can spray white vinegar onto countertops and in cracks along the floor that the ants are using as their travel path to hide the chemical trail ants use to find their way. Mixing dish soap with water and baking soda is a somewhat effective do-it-yourself spray that you can apply directly to the ants you see to eliminate them. Both of these methods will eliminate ants that are out in the open but aren’t effective as a long-term solution since they don’t do anything to fully eliminate the colony.
  3. Repair leaks. Carpenter ants love moisture. If you have a leaking faucet or any pipes leaking throughout your home, the ants will remain attracted to your home. Make sure all leaks are repaired to discourage carpenter ants from coming into your home.

To be honest, once you have a heavy infestation it’s going to be really difficult for the average homeowner to remove it. The most efficient way to remove a heavy carpenter ant infestation is by hiring a professional. Big Blue Bug Solutions can come in and remove your carpenter ant problem in a snap. Be sure to check out our year-round prevention plans so that you know the carpenter ants, as well as other common household pests, won’t be a problem again in the future.