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Winter Pests To Be Concerned About In South Portland


Maine is a great state to live in, where we have four true seasons. The sunny sparkling summers, crisp vibrant falls, picturesque snowy winters, and delightfully budding springs. Unfortunately, all of our seasons come with four separate sets of pest problems. As summer fades into fall, we trade mosquitoes in for another set of unwanted pest concerns as stinging insects become very aggressive. And, as winter comes into focus, winter pests like stink bugs, rodents, and other small wildlife like squirrels become a problem as they seek warmth and shelter within the walls of our homes.

Stink bugs are a nuisance pest mostly, however, they do give off a terrible smell if they feel threatened or are squashed, by releasing a foul odor from glands that are under their thorax. They are usually brown, with patches of metallic copper on their heads. Some people call them “shield bugs” because they are shaped like a shield. They do not bite and are not considered a danger to people. They are however dangerous to plants and crops. They enter homes and businesses seeking shelter, warmth, and food.

Mice and rats are small mammals that have teeth that never stop growing, meaning that their perpetual gnawing can cause serious damage to a home. Rodents can bite and are known to spread illnesses, like salmonella and the Hantavirus. They can introduce parasites into a home as well. The damage they can cause can range from gnawed furniture, walls, insulation, and contamination of food sources to chewed electrical wires that can cause fires, and chewed pipes that can cause water damage, all of which can become very costly. They force their way into homes through holes and gaps seeking shelter, warmth, and food. It is best to contact a professional right away if you see any signs of an infestation.

Squirrels are medium-sized rodents that also have constantly growing teeth and need to gnaw on things to keep them manageable. Usually, squirrels will stay outdoors, but when they do get in, they can cause as much damage if not more as the mice and rats do. Squirrels are more apt to make noise when they infest a home, as they run about through walls, ceilings, and attics, and that can lead to many sleepless nights wondering what type of damage they are causing. Squirrels pose similar risks to mice and other rodents, causing contamination and the potential for spreading disease.

The only way to attempt to prevent these pests is by closing off all entry points to your home through your foundation and exterior walls. Keep trees and bushes trimmed back, and bird feeders should be kept a distance away from your home. Avoid leaving debris of any kind near your home, like wood, garbage, brush, and discarded toys. Fix or repair damaged chimney caps, vents, screens, and soffits, as well as door and window frames.

If you are experiencing difficulty with winter pests in South Portland, Maine, call on us at Big Blue Bug Solutions for year-round home pest control. Our Home Owners Protection Plan, or HOP, covers many of the pests that call South Portland home. This program consists of automatic maintenance prevention three times a year, and if a problem arises between visits, we come back for free. We also offer our exclusive Blue Glove Service, where each of our technicians will wear blue gloves and booties in your home to leave it as clean as we found it.

We have a wildlife service too, that can combat those skunks under your deck, raccoons in your chimney, squirrels in your attic, and bats in your eaves. Whatever the problem, Big Blue Bug Solutions will create a program based on your specific nuisance wildlife problems. Give us a call to discuss which program is best for you and your New England home.