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What Are Silverfish Looking For?

silverfish climbing on house plant

If you're finding tiny silver bugs in your South Portland home that look like they belong in a sci-fi horror film rather than on the floor of your bathroom, you're probably wondering why these bugs are coming in. What makes your home different from all of the other homes that don't have silverfish in them? This is a valid question. Here's what those insects are looking for, and why they're coming in.

The biggest reason silverfish are coming into your home is that your home is filled with silverfish food. These insects nibble on a wide selection of foods. They can be found feeding on dead insects in your walls or munching on flour, cereal, and other items in your pantry. They are drawn to anything that has starch, everything from sugary foods to wallpaper paste. Their love of glue and paste will have them destroying books, important documents, photos, clothing, and more.

While the question, "What are silverfish looking for?" is an important one because it helps to determine what items are at risk and how we might protect those items, the question you should be asking is, "Why are they coming in?" For this question there are two important answers.

Silverfish are moisture pests. If you have a moist basement or areas of your home that are humid, silverfish can thrive. It isn't specifically what draws them into your home, but it will definitely be a factor that can keep them from leaving. High humidity will also allow them to breed faster. Use fans and dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity and moisture through your home.

Silverfish come in because they can. If your home has holes, silverfish will use them. And, since these are moisture pests, it is likely that the holes you have were partially caused by moisture damage. When silverfish appear inside, it is often a warning sign of a broken or obstructed gutter system, or water collecting next to exterior walls. These are problems that should be addressed alongside pest treatment.

When silverfish get in, they can cause damage. It is important to get rid of them and seal them out. This can be difficult because silverfish hide in hard-to-reach places, like wall voids. Extermination and control are best done by a pest professional.

If you live in South Portland, or somewhere in Southern Maine, give us a jingle. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we know bugs. More importantly, we know how to get rid of them.