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What Attracts Voles To South Portland Properties


It would be very easy to overlook a vole infestation in your South Portland yard, for a time. After all, out of sight, out of mind as the saying goes; but, before long, there would be no denying that voles are causing problems for you. To understand the threat that comes with a vole infestation, you must first learn a bit about this amazing little rodent.

As a part of the rodent family, this small mammal is related to the mouse, and strongly resembles it; but voles are stouter, they have smaller ears and eyes, and a shorter, hairy tail as compared to the mouse. Voles are generally around 5-8 inches long, including their tail, when they reach adulthood; and they are typically a shade of brown or black.

Voles have teeth, but they rarely bite people, so there is very little danger of transmitting disease through their bite, but they can spread disease through their urine and feces. Voles also come infested with parasites such as ticks, fleas, and mites that can make you sick.

The real danger with voles comes from the fact that they create tunnels and burrows with multiple exits throughout your property. This trait causes unsightly runways across the top of the ground and creates hollows that weaken the structure of your lawn. Voles also cause damage by their feeding habits; and while they will feed on dead animals, fruit, and nuts, the mainstay of their diet comes from snacking on small plants. They tend to prefer young plants and will ‘girdle’ small trees and ground cover; a habit that often kills plants, trees, and shrubs. They also love bulbs and will target the bulbs buried in your garden. Voles, in general, will cause major damage to lawns, fruit trees, landscaping, and grain crops.

Voles may become attracted to your property if you have large, open expanses of lawn or if you are located near another property that offers it. They will also target properties that have a lot of vegetation or that provide them with adequate shelter.

If you begin to notice ‘runways’ or yellowing and dying plants on your South Portland lawn, it is time to call in the experts. The professionals here at Big Blue Bug Solutions have the tools, technology, and training to deal with voles. We will inspect your property and find all the areas where voles are feeding and burrowing and will humanely take care of them. To learn more about how Big Blue Bug Solutions can help you be free from voles and the destruction they can cause, or to learn more about our year-round pest control options for your South Portland property, contact us today.