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Is There Anything I Can Do About These Silverfish?

silverfish crawling on floor

Many people enjoy the Halloween season and the spooks and scares it offers. One scare that is generally undesired though is that of finding pests in your house, particularly such strange pests such as silverfish. These blueish-gray insects seem to wriggle as they crawl across your floors, and can show up almost like uninvited Halloween guests that have no intention of leaving, and every intention of creeping you out. So what do you when the decorations have been taken down, but the creepy-crawlies remain?

Silverfish prevention starts with understanding why they are around, and what they want. Generally, silverfish are coming inside at this time of year to escape the weather, but there are other factors to consider in their showing up. Silverfish like moist habitats and a damp basement or bathroom is a perfect place for them to get comfortable in. Starches make up the silverfish's diet, which in a human dwelling may include things like book bindings, photographs, or wallpaper glue. This can make them very frustrating to have around, as often some of the items that best feed silverfish are valuable or treasured. The removal of these food sources, through storage or other means, may help keep silverfish from thriving in your house, and lowering the humidity is also helpful in making your house less desirable for silverfish.

Unfortunately, beyond this, there is little you can do at home to combat a silverfish infestation. They are nocturnal and erratic in nature, making them hard to monitor and deter. Fortunately, though, Big Blue Bug Solutions is ready to step in. With more than 80 years of experience in pest control, we know just what it takes to address tricky infestations like silverfish. Our year-round service not only seeks out pest problems and eliminates them, but is designed to prevent future trespassers from giving you the willies during Halloween, or any time of the year. We know how to assess your situation, what steps to take in response to pests such as silverfish, and we are committed to follow-through with regular check-ups. With Big Blue Bug Solutions watching your back year-round, you've got nothing to fear.