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Why Termites Are A Year-Round Problem


For some, the advent of winter means a collective sigh of relief, as we begin to see fewer and fewer insects buzzing about. No more mosquitoes driving us batty or hornets trying to nest in our eaves. It is a comforting thought that we won't have to worry about such pests for a few months, but what applies to some pests does not apply to all, and unfortunately, some of the worst pests to have in or around your home can still be a problem during the cold season. Termites, which are arguably the most damaging pest of all at least in terms of property, happen to be one of these year-round concerns. We would love to think that they will go away and leave us alone until spring, but the risk is not worth a false sense of security.

During the cold season termites, along with most creatures, become much less active. They will burrow deeper underground to avoid the cold, and extreme temperatures have been known to kill colonies, but with a never-ending urge to feed and reproduce, they will take advantage of every circumstance in favor of continuing their hive operations. Though they will not travel as far afield in search of food, termites can still use their underground tunnels to find a way to make winter a productive season. As they need only warmth and wood to thrive, and our houses usually have an abundance of both in the colder months, if a termite colony can gain access to your home they will keep right on eating and growing 24/7.

With this knowledge, you would be well served to be on the lookout for termites, especially if you know them to have been in your area or have dealt with them before. Before the snow piles up, check for the mud tunnels that they make on the outside of your foundation, and look for the same on your basement walls. Termite droppings can look like piles of sawdust from afar and usually reside near knockout holes that have been made in the wood they feed on. Beyond this, be sure to check your property for termites before they hunker down for the winter. Wood piles, debris, and mulch are all prime locations to discover termites, and if they are near your home, they would love to feed off your home.

If you find that you have termites, or even suspect it, don't settle for less than complete eradication and the safety of Big Blue Bug Solutions' renewable one-year termite warranty. We can inspect your property to pinpoint any signs of infestation, and our strategically employed treatment will kill termites where they live, ensuring that every last termite is taken out. Not only that but we can offer tips on how to make your home less attractive to termites, providing you a sense of security that has our years of experience and trained professionals backing it up. Termites can be devastating to have around even in the winter, but with the help of Big Blue Bug Solutions, you can rest easy in warmth and comfort knowing they won't be bothering you.