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Tips To Avoid Flea Bites


If you wake up covered in small, red bumps in groups of three or four, possibly in a straight line, there is a good chance you are getting flea bites in your sleep. They often appear around your ankles or legs, but fleas will bite anywhere they can grab a hold of you – including your waist, elbows, knees, armpits, and other areas. Who wants to wake up with flea bites?! No one. They are extremely itchy, and the skin around the bite can become sore. Some people develop rashes near the flea bites. If you scratch them, you can develop secondary bacterial infections. Here's what you need to know about avoiding flea bites.

How Are Fleas Getting into Your Home?

Homes with pets that go outdoors and come back inside are commonly a target for fleas. Fleas grab a hold of your domestic pets as they are outside playing in the grass or dirt, ride indoors, and then infest your home.

It is also possible to have fleas in your home even if you do not have pets. Fleas live outdoors and prefer tall grass and shady areas. They tend to spend time near decks, storage buildings, and woodpiles – so if you have these areas outdoors, it's possible you have fleas and they will come indoors by riding on your body or clothing.

Prevent Fleas

Pet owners should use flea control treatments or a flea collar on their pets to help reduce the risks of the pet getting fleas and bringing them indoors. If you have an outdoor flea infestation, you may consider treating your yard to help eliminate the fleas and reduce the risks of getting an infestation of fleas in your home.

If you still get fleas in your home, vacuum and clean your house from top to bottom to eliminate as many fleas as you can.

When You Need a Pest Control Professional

If you've cleaned your home thoroughly, applied flea control to your pets, and taken all precautions possible to eliminate fleas from your home and you're still getting bit by fleas – it's time to call a pest control professional. Big Blue Bug Solutions home pest control service covers flea elimination and prevention. Our technicians are experienced in identifying the pests invading your home and choosing appropriate treatments to both eliminate and prevent future infestations from occurring.