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Mistakes We Make With Silverfish


What comes to mind when you think of the word silverfish? Maybe you have an image of a tranquil lake and flashes of silver just below the surface. Pretty silver fish. Oh, how peaceful that image can be. But don't get too comfortable because we aren't talking about those kinds of silver fish. We are talking about an insect called the silverfish. And there's nothing tranquil about them.

Silverfish Identification

The insect silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) has a slender, flattened body which measures between 1/2 and 1 inch in length. Also referred to as fishmoths, urban silverfish, or carpet sharks, these insects are bluish to light gray in color, but they have a shimmery appearance which can make them appear silver. The most noticeable feature of a silverfish, besides their silver color, are the three thread-like tails found at the tip of their abdomens. These insects are not just a creepy nuisance pest, they are also damaging to belongings.

Things Silverfish Can Damage

  • Pantry Items: These disgusting bugs love to chew their way into food packaging to get to the good stuff inside. You may be in for a surprise when you pour your bowl of Wheaties, or you may find food spoiled or stale because silverfish have made holes in the packaging.
  • Fabrics: These creepy creatures love chewing on many different kinds of fabrics, including cotton, linen, silk and leather. They are most attracted to items that either have food or drink spilled on them, or fabrics that have starches or adhesives.
  • Books: These destructive insects love a good book, just like many humans. Only they don't read books, they eat books or, more specifically, the glue found in the bindings of books.
  • Wallpaper: These disturbing critters love to get behind some beautiful wallpaper and go to town eating the glue that holds it to the wall. This eventually causes sagging and peeling, and a sucking sound in your wallet.
  • Memories: Yup, these little item destroyers can even ruin your memories. If you have old photos stored in a box or album somewhere, and silverfish get at them, they can literally deface those photos. And if you do not have backups of those images, those memories may be lost forever.

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make Regarding Silverfish

If you are wondering why silverfish have chosen your home, keep reading. Many homeowners don't realize that certain conditions attract moisture-loving pests such as termites, earwigs, and silverfish.

  • Broken or obstructed gutters can cause water to collect along walls or foundations which will attract moisture pests.
  • Bushes or vegetation up close to a foundation can also cause moisture problems.
  • Leaky spigots make it nice and wet for moisture pests.
  • Holes, gaps, and cracks in foundations and walls are a sure way silverfish and other pests find their way inside.
  • Humid or moist areas in your home will make these insects feel right at home.

How Year-Round Pest Control Can Help

If you are in our Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut service areas, reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions for a little silver bug solution. In fact, with year-round pest control, we will take care of all of your household pest problems. Life is just better without creepy silverfish, or any other nuisance or destructive pest, lurking in your home.