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Why Carpenter Ants Are A Year-Round Problem


It can get cold in New England. Surprisingly, any ant can survive here. But they do. Ants are incredibly resilient. And there is no ant more resilient than the carpenter ant. Why do we say this? Because carpenter ants have the unique ability to live in our nice warm homes with us. This not only keeps them safe from the cold but also gives them the ability to be destructive all year long.

Sure. The cold weather can, and does, affect carpenter ants. These ants usually feed on outside food sources. When it gets cold outside, they can slow down and go into a sort of hibernation, until the temperatures rise back up. But there are two things to take note of. The first is that they are sure to survive the winter and continue to be a problem next year. The second is that they can continue to chew galleries and tunnels in the wood of your home if they find a food source within your walls. That leads us to our next point.

When carpenter ants find an interior food source, they can suddenly become pests in the middle of the winter. One day you go into your pantry and everything is fine. The next day you go in and find big black ants in your food. If those big black ants were also crawling around in your trash cans, you could have some health issues to deal with.

Since carpenter ants are a year-round problem, they require a year-round solution. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, our educated and experienced pest control technicians provide target pest control solutions all year long. They understand that the expansion and contraction caused by cold weather can provide new entry points and pathways for all pests to come and go, and they apply products to create a barrier where it's needed most, and when it is needed most. They understand the behavior of the pests they treat, and they know how to use those behaviors against them. Most importantly, their methods are guided by industry experts who are on the cutting edge of pest management practices.

Don't let your property be the victim of carpenter ants and other invasive bugs. Reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions for year-round solutions that will protect your home or business from destructive, illness-spreading pests, like the carpenter ants.