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Why Earwigs Enter Homes


Earwigs can be pretty scary looking especially when they are scurrying this way and that way around inside your home. They can disrupt peaceful family time and friendly gatherings just by their appearance. They can be especially scary at night as they scurry across the counter as you stumble into your dimly lit kitchen for a late-night snack. You open the refrigerator and the light from it shines onto the counter to illuminate the earwig and his hideous pincers. You can see why they have the nickname “pincer” bug. Then there are all of the “old wives tales” that come to mind of how they got the name “earwig” in the first place. People thought that they would crawl into people's ears and burrow through their brains to lay their eggs. Well, at least that story is not true, and as it turns out earwigs are pretty harmless actually, despite their ominous outward appearance. They can pinch if threatened, but it rarely hurts or causes a reaction. They are however a nuisance and no one wants to encounter earwigs inside their home, let alone an infestation.

So, why do they want to come into our homes and other buildings as unwelcome guests? To keep these pests out, you need to know what they find attractive. Earwigs are just looking for some warmth and a little moisture for survival, and our homes can be the perfect climate for them. They especially enjoy wet basements or leaky pipes in our bathrooms and kitchens.

To keep earwigs out of our homes, we need to seal off all entry points. Look for any place small enough for these bugs to get inside. Seal off all cracks, crevices, and holes, including areas where pipes and wires enter your home. Fix or replace any damaged screens, vents, or soffits, as well as window and door frames. Next, you will want to locate unnecessary water sources, like leaky pipes, drips, standing water, or seepage. Eliminating ways to get in and the water sources they seek should help, but the only way to eliminate earwigs and stop them from coming in again is by contacting a pest control service.

In Southern Maine, you can count on Big Blue Bug Solutions to solve all of your earwig problems effectively and efficiently. Once their experienced technicians have taken care of your earwig problems, you won’t have to worry about scary encounters at any time. Big Blue Bugs Solutions will get them out and keep them out with our year-round pest control services.