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Are Bed Bugs In South Portland?

bed bug crawling on floor

Bed bugs have been popping up all over the place. After a brief period where it was thought we had won the war, bed bugs have once again emerged and become a huge problem nationwide in the United States. The resurgence of bed bugs has taken many by surprise, and South Portland is no different. With an increase in travel over the past few decades, bed bugs have been showing up everywhere! Potentially crossing paths with bed bugs numerous times throughout your day, if you have picked one up along the way it can spell disaster.

Unfortunately, bed bugs have been found in most places that people frequent. Mass transit, hotels, stores, restaurants, and even homes have been known to have bed bugs. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help avoid them.

  • Avoid setting belongings on the ground while away from home. Once your personal belongings hit the ground, it's like an open invitation for bed bugs. Whether it be purses, coats, or luggage, once at their level it is easy for bed bugs to find their way onto or into them. Bed bugs are small enough to hide within folds and creases of clothing and luggage and can be very hard to find.
  • Always double check the area. Before unpacking in a hotel room, taking a seat on a bus, or setting your jacket down in a store, double check the area. Though small, bed bugs are large enough to be seen, and of course one of the first sign of bed bug activity is to actually see one. Make sure to always check beds, seats, under rugs and cushions etc. Be thorough, as the last thing you want is to go home with a bed bug.
  • Unpack outdoors. If you have recently been out and about, try unpacking bags, taking off outerwear and shoes while still outside. Unpacking these things outside can give you the opportunity, if you find a bed bug, to keep it from being introduced to your home.
  • Store belongings in bags. While traveling anywhere for any period of time, store belongings in plastic bags. If they go unused, keep them in the plastic bags. When you are done with them, put them back in the plastic bags. Sealing up belongings can help deter bed bugs, and should you encounter them, can help keep them contained as well.
  • Clean often and clean thoroughly. Bed bugs are known to inhabit seams, stitching, and folds. People often skip over these smaller things while cleaning. Vacuum thoroughly and always make sure to get in around buttons of upholstery, seams, and corners. Also, make sure to sweep thoroughly and while you do, keep your eyes open for other signs of bed bugs. Finally, make sure to wash all belongings you have had packed while traveling or visiting public places.

Bed bugs, over time, have become extremely resilient. It’s this, combined with their ability to hide within unreachable places, that makes them very hard to get rid of. When it comes to bed bugs there are a few ways to get rid of them, but it will require professional bed bug control. Should you find that you have come home with bed bugs, call a professional immediately. Professional treatment provides methods that are not available at your local store. Professional help also comes equipped with the knowledge on what to look for, where to find them, and how to prevent them. Bed bugs are one pest that should not be taken lightly, and taking care of them immediately is important.