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How Commercial Drain Cleaning Stops Summer Infestations

drain in restaurant

When you own a business, one of the last things you worry about is your drains! You may teach your employees not to pour grease and oil down the drains to prevent clogs, but other than that, drains probably aren’t front and center in your mind, and there are so many other things to worry about. That is, until you have a nasty pest infestation and suddenly your drains become a real emergency!

Whether it be floor drains where spills and overflows disappear into or sink and garbage disposal drains where food particles get washed down, pests will be drawn to the decaying and fermenting organic matter that accumulates in these drains! In a commercial setting where a kitchen is used for upwards of twelve hours a day or more preparing food for hundreds of people every single day, the food waste in drains can accumulate rather rapidly.  

The presence of flies such as regular house flies and fruit flies, as well as cockroaches and other nasty pests is the number one problem you can expect from having dirty drains. Fruit flies feed on the sticky spills and sweet decay that accumulates in and around your drains. House flies will hover and buzz about, even laying their eggs and creating a maggot problem in your business. Cockroaches are filthy pests that thrive in damp and dark spaces near a food source, which makes drains the ideal place for them to invade!

As a commercial business owner, you cannot afford to overlook drain cleaning for your business! If your business becomes infested with any kind of pest due to a lack of cleanliness, it could be disastrous for your business’s reputation. Just one pest sighting will send your customers running! In addition, having pests in your business is a health risk to both your customers and your employees and presents the risk of causing illnesses and food contamination.

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we offer several services that can help save your commercial businesses reputation. The most popular option is our drain cleaning service that includes quarterly visits where we clean in and around all your drains and surrounding equipment. By scheduling regular cleanings, there will be less opportunity for food waste to build up and attract pests. However, if you find that you are already dealing with a pest problem, don’t worry! Big Blue Bug Solutions also offers our monthly maintenance program for protection against a wider selection of pests. Give us a call today to see which program will work best for your commercial facility.